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“Welcome to my house, weary traveller. Enter freely and of your own will. Within my walls you will find safety and comfort for so long as you abide with me, the lord and master of this Domain. This I swear by Earth and Sky, and the Waters of Life and Death that bind us all. Come, enter now, and leave some of the happiness that you bring.”

This chronicle details the adventures of an ambitious, talented coterie of Cainites that have been bound up in the intrigues of Transylvania and the Byzantine empire. They fight to find their own place among the Siebenburgen and within the Dream, aware that they are the pawns of the elders, their own sires and even darker forces that they have not yet begun to comprehend.

The coterie consists of:

Another member of the Concord was lost late in the winter of 1203 CE, during the assault of Voivode Koban against the valley of Toth. While he fell, it is unclear whether he has suffered the Final Death:

At various times, other Cainites have joined the coterie for brief periods:

I have drawn heavily upon and expanded the story arcs and characters as presented in the Dark Ages Clan Novels, Transylvania By Night and Constantinople By Night. Against the backdrop of the larger campaign, we intend to loosely follow the storyline of the Transylvania Chronicles, Bitter Crusade and Under the Black Cross (as the storyteller is a little lazy). Fans of the Old World of Darkness with an eye for detail might also recognise a few names from the Chicago Chronicles here and there…

DISCLAIMER: I have wandered the Web for some time gathering pieces of art to use for portraits and scenery in my games. If I have used something that belongs to you and have caused offence, please accept my apologies in advance and don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll be more than happy to take it down or give credit where it is due!