Abetorius Maior

The Regent of the New Tremere Chantry in Constantinople; this powerful ancilla is quick to offer the services of his people, but what is their true agenda?


This man is in his middle-age, but radiates the energy and elan of a man many years his junior. He has a dusting of grey hair mixed with his brown, and his eyes almost glow with intensity. His robes are of very fine quality and he openly wears the occult paraphernalia of a magus.


A very recent addition to the city, Abetorius and his small cadre of apprentices and assistants are swiftly making a place for themselves. He has ostensibly travelled to the city to open relations between the Tremere and the Cainites of the Trinity Families but he is just as commonly found frequenting the Latin Quarter as the Greek districts. Not a few of the wealthier Cainites of the city have treated with him or his primary apprentice, Calleo Abetorius Minor, and rumour has it that the Tremere have openly offered their services to the highest bidder. Quaesitori Petronius and Anna Comnena (with Lord Symeon dissenting) recently cleared the Warlocks to found one of their chantries in the city, which they have done in Exokoinion.

Abetorius is apparently very well-travelled, as gossip has it that he has toured the cities of the east extensively in recent decades. It is thought that he may be a Salubri-hunter in addition to his other duties, or that he is setting up a wide network of chantries. In any case, the Regent and his subordinates have become very fashionable in both Latin and Greek salons of late.

Several of the coterie spotted both Abetorius Maior and Minor at the Saut Aswad when the Tremere arrived in Constantinople. Introductions were not made, but it was clear that they were Tremere. In honour of their association with Veceslav Basarab, no one approached the Usurpers.

Lineage: Childe of Meerlinda (diab.); Nominal Childe of Tremere (diab.)

(diab.)= diablerist

Abetorius Maior

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