This Gothic elder is preeminent among the Gangrel of the east; he despises civilisation and the softness that it brings, and he plots to bring it all down.


A barbarian warrior clad in furs, a worn cloak, and pagan jewellery, and carrying a hafted axe and with an antique sword worn at his side. In peak physical condition, his long, tangled black hair is contrasted by his cold blue eyes and his pale, marble like skin. His razor sharp teeth, tufted ears and fur covered body belie his clan, though it is known that he can somehow hide these deformities if he must. A scar bisects his right eyebrow and upper cheek, though the eye is intact.


Arnulf the Goth is a legend among the Gangrel of the east. He is a true savage, a proponent of the old ways of his youth and Embrace, when the Barbarian Invasions levelled the Roman Empire. Those brutal nights, when everyone, both Cainite and kine, lived and died by the sword and civilisation came crashing down, loom large in his stories at the Gathers of his clan. Arnulf despises the growth of humanity, reaching once again into the unspoiled wilderness to bring their weak rules, religion and greed to his world. He seems to have taken the reach of Christian civilisation personally, and speaks often of the need to cast it down once again.

And yet, in spite of his centuries of existence, it would appear that long-term planning is not really Arnulf’s forte. While he has a reputation for being a cunning and clever warrior, he tends to prefer existing in the now, in tune with the Beast and his barbaric nature, rather than laying the groundwork for long-term intrigues. Even so, some who have sought to exploit this weakness have found, to their terminal detriment, that the Goth is not only highly intuitive and quick to follow his instincts, but extremely unpredictable and difficult to fool.

Arnulf is the most powerful elder of the Transylvanian Gangrel, although his travels take him significantly farther to the east, west and north, as well. He is a social Animal and travels far and wide to attend Gathers, swap stories and establish his primacy. In this way, Arnulf has come to know nearly all of his clan-mates in the east and north of Europe. Perhaps half of the Gangrel in the region descend from the Goth and they defer to his strength, guile and ferocity. It is said among the clan that only his daughter-in-blood, Morrow, is accounted more wise and only his sometime coterie-mate and rival, Milov Petrenkov, is more capable in the hunt.

During the Second Crusade, Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa’s army crossed through the demesnes of many of Arnulf’s descendants. The Goth rallied a number of Gangrel to harry the army, and Gunthar ritter von Wolfgang frequently confronted some of his clan-mates. In company with several of his Crusading allies such as Rutiger ritter von Leer, Sir Guy de Provence, Sir Phillipe de Gresser and Sir Vicelin de Marseilles, Gunthar ritter either treated with his clan-mates or drove them off. On one occasion, Gunthar ritter saw the Goth from afar, glaring his disapproval at the army (or perhaps Gunthar in particular). Arnulf did not approach, and the younger Gangrel wisely gave the elder a wide berth.

While travelling through Bistritz, Gunthar ritter learned from Tiberiu that Arnulf was a friend and sometime protege of Velatorix the Averni, Lucien’s sire. The Goth has sworn enmity on Lucien for the destruction of Velatorix (whom Lucien has always disparagingly referred to as “the Savage”). This knowledge has left Gunthar ritter rather unsure of his place among his Transylvanian clan-mates, but all the more eager to have their respect.

Lineage: Childe of Pard; of the line of Genger, aka the Nomad.


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