Baron Thomas Feroux

This ancilla and his coterie of loyal Gangrel serve the Obertus Tzimisce, and are responsible for enforcing the Codex of Legacies in the Queen of Cities.


A slender, well-proportioned Frank wearing the simple woolen trousers, jacket, and calf boots of the Byzantine commoners. Although he isn’t a particularly tall or imposing speciman of his people, there is something unsettling in his sad, cat-like eyes and a deep scar mars the left side of his face from brow to jaw. He wears a Norman bastard sword in a battered scabbard at his side.


Baron Thomas speaks little of his time before coming to Constantinople, save that he was a lost soul in a world without beauty or vision. The Frankish nobleman arrived in the Queen of Cities in the Year of Our Lord 1076 in the company of a Gesudian monk, and received sanctuary with the Obertus Order with the blessing of Gesu himself. For a number of years, he lived a monastic existence under the guidance of Symeon in the Church of Christ Pantokrator, and his reverence quickly became well known among the Cainites of the city. Baron Thomas swore to protect the Order and the Queen of Cities forever, so rather than simply allow him to join the Obertus Symeon approached his fellow Quaesitori and arranged for the Gangrel to be granted a Scion Family charter in the Seventh Council of AD 1081.

The Baron’s Gangrel have enforced the Codex of Legacies throughout the city ever since. For those Cainites of the Family system, punishment for infractions are moderated by the Quaesitor Tribunal unless the Gangrel are attacked while in the exercise of their duties, but little mercy is shown to the Latins who transgress the Codex. The Eighth Council was a blow to the Baron’s Gangrel, for it removed the Latin Quarter from their jurisdiction. This has effectively nullified their ability to keep track of Cainite numbers in the city, as well granting a safe haven for those who transgress the Codex of Legacies and succeed in fleeing back to the Latin Quarter.

However, while a little over half of the Baron’s Gangrel are his descendants, the rest are of the Greek bloodline. It is said that their proficiency with the Obfuscate discipline allows the Baron to keep track of much of what occurs in the Latin Quarter, although this would mean that Thomas is expressly ignoring orders. Many more Gangrel loyal to him travel the empire, ensuring safety for Gesudian travellers and keeping lines of communication open with Gangrel elders on the borders. His strongest supporter is the powerful warrior Justinian, his canniest is said to be the youthful Urbien, and the wisest is the matronly Agnes. All are ancillae, though only the last is his own progeny. The Baron’s reluctant representative in court politics is Anna Szgorina, who has also been known to travel on his business.

The Baron is well-regarded among the Cainites of the Trinity system, and feared by the Latins. He is renowned for his passionate and earnest belief in the Dream and his clever and inquisitive mind. Thomas’ instruction at the feet of Symeon has made him a far more able politican than his western brethren, and also a keen scholar. He is a pious Cainite, and is capable of great, thundering rages when confronted by disloyalty, betrayal or base and dissolute behaviour. However, others say that he is most fearsome when he appears calm, and the Baron’s cat-like stare has reduced many stalwart offenders to quivering cowards in the past. Thomas is an expert swordsman, rivalled by few in the city and thought to be excelled only by the elder Belisarius, Military Prefect of the Antonian Ventrue.

The coterie earned a measure of gratitude from Baron Thomas when they helped to deflect blame from his Family regarding the Chosen of Calomena. This appears to have been a political ploy concocted by Thomas and his ally, Autokrator Natalya Syvatoslav of the Lexor Brujah, to chip away at the authority of the Antonian Ventrue. Indeed, Domestic Prefect Irene Stellas was punished for the failure to keep track of the Chosen of Calomena, which has weakened her position and that of her sire, the Antonian Quaesitor Anna Comnena. Petronius was aware of the ploy and encouraged it, while Lord Symeon chose not to interfere as it improved the position of Baron Thomas, his friend and servant.

Lineage: Marie Feroux (d), his mortal mother, has been declared his sire. It is apparent that any further information regarding Marie’s own sire is lost to the Baron.

(d)= destroyed

Baron Thomas Feroux

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