Carmine Giovanni

An ancilla of the Giovanni Cappadocians, this mechant represents his family's interests on the Black Sea. He once enslaved George Davras, and for his crimes he has earned the undying enmity of he and his wife, Iulia.


An aging merchant of Venice, dressed in black and yellow silks of fine cut. There is plenty of salt and pepper in his long hair and full beard, and his skin is waxen, lending him a washed out look. His blue eyes are habitually hooded, as if he were bored or tired. He is armed with a dagger.


Carmine represents everything about the Giovanni that makes the rest of the Cappadocians uneasy and the rest of the High Clans dismissive. He is greedy and callous in his mercantile ventures, cavalier in his treatment of the spiriti, and far more interested in his own short-term mercenary goals than in plumbing the mysteries of the Great Riddle. In short, he is money-grubbing, self-serving slaver and mercenary of fortune.

As the overseer of Giovanni interests on the Black Sea, Carmine has long had an interest in the art, culture and (most importantly) riches of the failing Byzantine empire. Since his arrival in 1162 CE, he has managed the far-flung family factors from his bases at Varna and Constanta. Prior to the arrival of Markus Musa Giovanni, Carmine also maintained several sidelines in Constantinople too. These were strictly small-scale independent ventures, however, and Carmine does not represent the family in any way there.

For a time, Carmine enslaved the spirit of George Davras, husband to the Lasombra Iulia. Neither George nor Iulia has given much detail regarding this period of internment, save to say that Carmine subjected the spiritu to terrible tortures in order to force him to betray certain confidences from his mortal life. George was eventually rescued from Carmine by a number of spiritu allies, but he and Iulia avoid all Giovanni as a consequence.

The coterie met this villain at the conclusion of the Cainite Council of the 4th Crusade. Due to his prior experience managing the family interest in the 1st and 2nd Crusades, Carmine has been granted oversight of the Giovanni ships in the flotilla of the 4th. He also worked the family’s pilgrim and slave lines in the past, and his knowledge of ports and safe harbours in the east is comprehensive.

He has allied with Content Not Found: alvatore_, his counterpart among the Venetian Lasombra, in order to better facilitate a successful outcome to the venture. Backed by the Lasombra mystic, Remigio del Nero, and the Tzimisce trader, _Content Not Found: ando, they have formed a highly skilled coterie known as the Serene Brotherhood. Aside from their manipulation of a rather foolish and greedy rush at the walls that precipitated the need for a siege at Zara, they have shown their quality to the Crusade, and their opinion is sought by Duke Guy on logistical matters. Carmine very much plays the able second to Salvatore but few in the Concord doubt that the Serene Brotherhood would be so formidable without the intelligence provided by Carmine’s spiriti slaves.

Lineage: Childe of Marianna of Zara (d), Childe of Danko Stara (the old), Childe of Ariadne; further lineage is unknown, but he is believed to be no stronger than the 11th generation, and of the line of Japheth.

(d)= destroyed

Carmine Giovanni

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