Gabriella of Genoa

The former Bishop of the Genoese district of the Latin Quarter, this ancilla was sympathetic to the Dream. She was assassinated by unknown parties in the spring of AD 1198.


A ruddy skinned noblewoman in early middle age, good-looking and of considerable presence. Her long, curly hair is dark brown, framing a delicate face, a prominent nose, and haughty dark eyes that gleam with intelligence. She is dressed in the finest Byzantine silks.


Gabriella hails from the D’Agostino family of Lasombra, which has ruled Genoa from the shadows for centuries. She arrived in Constantinople at the turn of the 12th century, when Italian and Byzantine traders were on a more even footing and the empire prospered. As things turned sour, she made firm overtures of alliance towards the Cainites of the Trinity families, and while some (such as Symeon of the Obertus Tzimisce) welcomed her friendship, she was dismissively rebuffed by most of the followers of the Dream.

When the Latin Riots erupted in AD 1185, her friendship with Symeon proved invaluable, as Gabriella and her mortal protege Lillian found sanctuary within the Church of Christ Pantokrator. The rest of the Latin Cainites were slain in the riots, including Bishop Elizio, the childe of Narses of Venice.

During their time among the Obertus, the child Lillian and Symeonstruck up a remarkable friendship. With some misgivings, but aware of the very great boon that she owed the Tzimisce, Gabriella released her beloved Lillian from her service and she became Symeon’s ward. When she came of age, Lillian then became the Quaesitor’s willing consort, and the bond between between the D’Angelo Lasombra and Obertus Tzimisce grew stronger still.

In AD 1194, Symeon presented Lillian to his brother-sire Gesu, with the intention of seeking formal permission to Embrace the young woman. Whatever took place at St.John Studius that night, neither Lillian nor Gesu have left the confines of the monastery since. For his part, Lord Symeon has never been the same: he raged in solitude for months, and has retreated into a moody reticence in his duties as Quaesitor and secular leader of the Obertus order. He still attends meetings, and is as skillful at intrigue as ever, but his heart does not appear to be in it. He and Bishop Gabriella no longer appear to be allies either.

Gabriella was unusual among the Latins. While as ambitious and driven as any Lasombra, Gabriella believed that Constantinople was a rich but fractured resource. She felt that he clan should be assisting in its reconstruction rather than robbing it of its wealth. A newly resurgent Byzantium- with Genoese allies, of course- could prove to be a source of infinite riches. Her attempts at brinkmanship were not terribly successful, but she never stopped trying, right up until her disappearance in the spring of AD 1198. A pile of ashes, clearly the remains of a Cainite, were found in her quarters at Galata. Bishop Alfonzo of Venice snidely rejoiced in her supposed destruction, and no investigation was carried out.

In the month after her assassination, the bishops of the Amalfitan and Pisan districts were also assassinated, and an attempt on Bishop Alfonzo’s unlife very nearly succeeded as well. The Latin Quarter erupted into chaos as investigations were hastily carried out, but no one was brought to justice. The Antonian Ventrue were also driven into disarray, with the Eastern Praetorian Prefect Helena the Armenian also being struck down and driven into a strange torpor by the mysterious assassin, who then ceased their attacks and vanished without a trace.

Since AD 1199, attempts by Bishop Alfonzo’s lackeys to extend his power into the Genoese district have met with stiff opposition from unknown parties. A number of Ravnos Sybarites make their homes in Galata, and Gabriella had previously offered generous employment to other Cainites, including Brujah, Nosferatu and Caitiff, who sought a place in her territory. To this night, the Genoese district is the only part of the Venetian Quarter where the Narsene Lasombra do not hold absolute sway.

Lineage: Childe of Isabelle d’Agostino, Childe of Marcus D’Agostino, Childe of Constantius, Childe of Montano, Childe of Lasombra

Gabriella of Genoa

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