A breath-takingly beautiful lady of the Clan of the Rose, this ancilla has a reputation for degeneracy. She barely holds onto her status as a Michaelite, and indeed spends far more time amongst the Children of Judas than her own family.


This lady is simply stunning, rivalling Anna Comnena for the most beautiful among the Cainites of Constantinople, yet unlike the Antonian Quaesitor her allure is boldness and vitality rather than regality and grace. She wears the latest in Byzantine court fashions and veritably drips with jewellery.


The Michaelite Quaesitor, Petronius, often refers to his progeny Galatea as his ‘last and greatest mistake’. A daughter of Cypriot nobility, she was sent by her father to the imperial court of Manuel Comnenus for an education and the possibility of an advantageous marriage. Graceful, stylish, witty and beautiful beyond belief, she instantly earned a place for herself as a favourite of the young Empress, Irene Doukaina. Her love of poetry and zest for life caught the attention of Petronius, who was utterly entranced by her. He moved quickly to bring her into the ranks of the Michaelites, before her beauty and promise were marred by age or care.

For nearly fifty years Galatea served her sire well, being a frequent intermediary between the Michaelites and the Antonians. Her grace, breeding and tact, as well as her quiet connections with the Comneni dynasty, made her a natural choice for the role, and Galatea prospered in her sire’s service. Alas, like many of the Michaelites she became enamoured with the excitement and forbidden pleasures of the Silk Road. She was one of the first of the young Toreador to fall to the wiles of the Children of Judas, and her status as a young leader regrettably lured many of her brothers and sisters into Sarrasine and Khay’tall’s web.

After more than 50 years of excess and failure to live up to her promise, Galatea has all but exhausted her status among the Michaelites. Petronius lost patience with her decades ago, and has all but disowned her for her disgraceful behaviour. She still receives invitations to the Antonian Blood Feasts, and usually turns up on the arm of Sarrasine. It is not at all uncommon to find her at the more degenerate Blood Feasts of the Narsene Lasombra. The Silk Road is practically her haven, and she organises many of the more exotic orgies that take place therein.

She and Sarrasine are known to be lovers, and in her quest for pleasure Galatea seems to willingly submit to all manner of indecent treatment at the hands of the elder Child of Judas. Sir’s Conrad and Gunthar both inadvertently bore witness to one of their erotic encounters, which involved a great deal of biting in addition to some rather exotic variations on mortal intercourse. Both knights quickly left the scene, disquieted by the stirrings that the spectacle engendered.

Lineage: estranged Childe of Petronius, Childe of Michael the Patriarch, Childe of Arikel


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