Godwine Chriegler

A senior ghoul in the service of the Cappadocian elder Dietrich von Steyer, Godwine is both an accomplished prevaricator and "problem solver".


A pale, thin, proud man of German heritage dressed in the garb of a merchant or perhaps a reasonably well-heeled edler. He has shoulder-length blonde hair, dark brown eyes, a broad, chiselled face and a full beard. His resemblance to the late Hermann Chriegler was strong.


The Chriegler family has faithfully served Dietrich von Steyer for generations, and have become quite wealthy and respected in Vienese society under the elder’s patronage. Each generation, one member of the family is chosen, carefully groomed and selected to receive the Blood while the rest serve meekly in whatever capacity that their Cappadocian patron sees fit. Generally this means that they serve as the herd of Dietrich and Maude. Adolf was the first to receive the Blood (in 1007 CE, now deceased), followed by Hermann (1031 CE, deceased also), Rolf (1060 CE), Godwine (1082 CE), Frederick (1110 CE), Lukas (1138 CE) and Henry (1170 CE). Godwine is the most physically capable of the Chriegler’s, and is often called upon to protect his master and mistress when they on the road. He is also responsible for collecting the rent on Dietrich’s properties, as well as bloodier work on the rare occasion that such is deemed expedient.

Godwine was appointed by Dietrich to oversee his interests on the expedition to Tihuta pass. Maude was given several more of Godwine’s kin to help in the project: gentle Hermann as well as Clare, Fye and Beatrice, a trio of nurses that the crone has trained. Godwine’s knowledge of theology and talent for lies led to his eventual assumption of the role of Father Godwine, leader of the pilgrimage to the Monastery of the Caves in the lands of Kievan Rus. While he was quick to defer to the logistical knowledge of Andrew or the tactical skill of Agmundir, Godwine manoeuvered himself into the de facto leader of the Herd’s daytime activities.

He lobbied both Dietrich and Maude heavily on behalf of Hermann in hopes that his great-nephew would be given the blood. He was deeply proud when the lad fulfilled his ambition to become a ghoul, and was saddened to be told of Hermann’s demise soon thereafter. Unlike Clare, Fye and Beatrice he did not grieve openly but it was clear that he was deeply wounded by the loss of his protege.

In the years since, he has often accompanied Maude on her adventures, and while his blood bond to Dietrich remains strong, he has grown very fond of her. Unlike most Cainites, Dietrich included, she appears to have his welfare foremost in her mind. She never commands him to do anything that would put him at risk, and takes his refusal on board when he feels that she has asked him to do something that might do so anyway. Godwine has proven himself to be a loyal friend to Maude and he tries to keep his more roguish elements in check for fear of alienating her.

Godwine Chriegler

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