Hette frau von Borcke


A pale, pretty Austrian woman, dressed in the wealthy trappings of the high-born and moneyed elite. Her long blonde hair terminates in lustrous curls and her hazel eyes sparkle with intelligence. She might be considered even more beautiful but for the arrogant turn of her head and the dismissive curl of her lip.


Hette was born among the elite of the Duchy of Austria, and has enjoyed all of the privileges of wealth and position. Her father, Gerhard, has long been an ally of the ruling Babenburg family, and the very least that Hette could expect from life was an advantageous marriage and a prestigious position. However, that was never going to be enough…

She always knew that she was special, even among her peers. Sometimes strange things happened around her; things just seemed to go Hette’s way unexpectedly (at least as far as others were concerned). Gerhard realised her brilliance early on, and saw that she was instructed in letters and the quadrivia in addition to her formal lady’s education. A scholarly advisor to her father (as well as Duke Leopold V) known as Filaerus deemed her to be special indeed and she was secretly inducted into the ranks of the magi of House Tremere at the tender age of 14. For the next five years, her education was split between her father’s house and an imposing, stout lodge a few miles north of Vienna. She excelled at magick too, just like she excelled at everything else. Like most of the magi at the Chantry, however, she was ignorant of the fact that Regent Filaerus and some of his most important cohorts were already vampires, and that they had plans to bring their brothers and sisters into the fold.

Hette caught the eye of Lotharius, Tremere prince of Vienna, in the summer of AD 1195, and was brought into the clan soon after at the orders of Etrius himself. She is one of several progeny that Prince Lotharius has created since he took the princedom, but is the only one that has been created for reasons other than improving his strategic hold on Vienna. Unsurprisingly, under Lotharius’ personal instruction Hette has excelled at Thaumaturgy, and has already made Initiate of the Fifth Circle in near record time.

It was thought that she would make a good recruit due to her ambition and belief in her own predestined greatness. They were right on both accounts. Unfortunately, the Embrace has done nothing to curtail her overweening sense of pride. Indeed, Hette’ self-confidence has become extremely annoying, as she has become given to making grand, sweeping statements without the benefit of maturity or experience to back them up. Naturally, this made her easy prey for the waspish Maude Klesl. In the autumn of AD 1197, the Cappadocian crone roundly criticised and humiliated Hette with her barbed wit during a court gathering in honour of a visit from Etrius himself.

The whole court laughed. Even Lotharius and Etrius chuckled. And while Maude was soon ‘moved on’ for the effrontery of humiliating the prince’s prized childe, Hette has sworn vengeance for the insult. On everyone apparently. Rumour has it that she has fallen out of favour with Lotharius, and has sought reassignment to Ceoris in Transylvania. It has not escaped the court wits of Vienna that Maude herslef was sent in that direction not so long ago…

Lineage: Childe of Lotharius (Diab.), Childe of Etrius (Diab.), nominal Childe of Tremere (Diab.)

(Diab.)= Diablerist (obviously).

Hette frau von Borcke

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