A simple peasant girl, saved from the woods by her sister, now roams Cluj-Napoca and the wilds beyond it.


Unusually for a Vlach, Lorea’s attractive features are framed by hair of light brown, perhaps even approaching blonde. Distinctive in her youthfulness and reserve, she struggles with the wildness that infuses her reborn spirit.


Lorea and Nicoleta come from a small hamlet in the vicinity of Kronstadt where they were raised by their widower father. The girls are the middle children of a large family who were expected to take on the responsibilities of raising their younger siblings as their elder brothers worked.

Both received some tutelage in the family craft, however Lorea showed more skill and attention to detail in her work.

One evening, Nicoleta went in search of medicine for one of the younger children. Lorea went out in search of her sister when she did not return, choosing to enter the woods in the darkness. She became lost and after some hours chose to take refuge in the bole of a tree.

Later that night Tiberiu and the newly embraced Nicoleta found her. Tiberiu was prepared to tear the defenseless girl to shreds but Nicoleta intervened. The two ran into the freedom of the night, exhilarated by their new unlife.


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