A Roman Legionnaire who served under Julius Caeser himself, this ancient Gangrel is rarely given his due because of his comparatively weak generation.


A tall, powerfully built man with broad shoulders and square, rugged features. His hair is brown, speckled with grey, and worn short. He has rich, dark brown eyes and a deep, commanding voice. A very faint scar runs along his right temple. He wears a heavy fur cloak and dresses in the finery of a wealthy merchant or perhaps a minor noble, and he is armed with an antique sword and dagger.


Lucien speaks little of his mortal years, except to say that he served under the Julius Caeser in the Gallic campaigns and has never met another man, nor Cainite for that matter, that was Caeser’s equal. He also does not speak much of his Embrace, except to say that he was Embraced by a monster who embodied everything that is wrong with Clan Gangrel. Lucien and his loyal childe, Bernhard, slew this “Savage” a century ago, and he makes no bones about speaking of this act with some pride.

He also speaks little of his time in the Roman empire, but it is clear that he only rarely travelled to the capital itself and instead spent much of his time on the borders aiding this Roman legion or that in holding back the barbarian tides. Lucien does mention, however, that Julia Antasia was his mentor for many years, and that she is responsible for keeping him sane in his early centuries. To this night he still maintains property near Frankfurt and journeys there often to speak with her, and other followers of the via humanitatis. He is also great friends with Petronius, Arbiter and Quaesitor of the Michaelite Toreador of Constantinople.

Lucien the Roman’s main interest in the east has long revolved around shoring up his mercantile contacts along the Danube. In recent years, however, he has become swept up in the struggle to protect and rejuvenate the Dream of Constaninople at the request of Petronius. He was officially adopted into the Michaelites in AD 1202, and has been quite active in helping his old friend restore order to his house.

He was also extremely interested in aiding his childe, Bernhard von Billung, in establishing Domain in Kronstadt. Their bond was close, even for a sire and childe, and they often referred to each other openly as father and son. While Lucien accepted the news of Bernhard’s fall in battle with Timur the Warmaster with his customary stoicism, he has made it clear that his son is not gone until he has seen his remains, or dealt vengeance to those responsible. He will journey to Vrancea for an accounting when time and safety permits. Lucien is cunning, and has the patience that only 1000 years of waiting can foster. The “Savage” learned this the hard way, and so too shall Koban

Lineage: Childe of “the Savage”(d); he considers his lineage a sore point, and will not discuss it beyond saying that he destroyed his own sire.

(d)= destroyed


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