Variously known as the Rock of Constantinople and the Chosen of Michael, this proud elder is a passionate advocate of the Dream.


This creature’s dead, dry skin is drawn tight over his bones, cracking and splitting whenever he moves or contorts his face. He lacks hair, even eyebrows, and his nose is knife-thin. Yet the scars fade in contrast to his bearing, for despite a touch of rictus he is tall, thin and regal. He doesn’t avoid eye contact and stares at you with meaningful intensity.


Once an ambitious prelate of the Church of Byzantium, Malachite (then known as Maleki) was a mortal client of Magnus, the Lasombra custodian of Orthodoxy. Maleki was vain and greedy for power, and eventually became Magnus’ ghoul, but the elder had sorely misunderstood the source of the priest’s flaws. Maleki paradoxically sought greatness to serve the Dream, a concept that he intuited at the time, but did not truly understand. Not long after he had taken the blood for the first time, Maleki happened to publicly contradict his domitor. Magnus was furious at what he perceived as a betrayal, and contrived a terrible punishment to humble the rebellious prelate and destroy his proud spirit. Maleki was tortured and then Embraced by one of the lowest of the low, a pathetic Nosferatu known as Vasilli the Penitent Dog.

The punishment was a success. Maleki was broken. But then an angel came, and delivered salvation unto the stricken prelate. Michael the Archangel, methuselah Patriarch of Constantinople, was outraged by the treatment of this flawed, but good, man. He took the ruined prelate under his care and slowly returned his sanity and self-respect. The newly rechristened Malachite became Michael’s Chosen, and from that moment on he made the stability and strength of the Dream his duty and passion. He has always made a point of wearing his true face in court, as he feels that he has nothing to be ashamed of.

In the Fourth Council, held in the Year of Our Lord 796, his efforts were rewarded with the creation of his own Scion family. In keeping with Michael’s wishes, he was limited to only two subordinates at any one time, but not a few of his progeny have since moved on to other Byzantine cities where they continue to serve the Dream in their own ways. Malachite continues to serve in his unique mandate, loyal to Michael himself rather than Petronius and the other Toreador, whom he views as decadent and useless.

Malachite has become friendly with Baron Thomas Feroux of the Gangrel and Autokrator Natalya Syvatoslav of the Lexor Brujah in recent years. They support each other in court, and seem to share a poor opinion of the endless intrigues and bickering common to the Families. He has also long been friends with Gregory Lakeritos, and the two of them can often be found walking the gardens of the Great Palace or the Palace of Magnaura, sharing a companionable silence. More than four centuries on, the acrimony between Malachite and Magnus is undiminished and the two of them rarely so much as acknowledge each other in public. When Malachite is forced to deal with the Orthodox Lasombra, he speaks with Sarah the Chaste instead.

The Malachite Nosferatu watched with much interest the progress of the coterie’s investigation into the murders of Adriana and Juliano of the Narsene Lasombra. Malachite himself attended the Antonian blood feast, and spoke with several of the coterie regarding the Dream and the necessity of its survival and renewal. He rarely strayed from the side of Gregory the Wondermaker during the proceedings, and left early.

Lineage: Childe of Vasilli the Penitent Dog; of the line of the Hag, also known as Baba Yaga.


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