Marko D'Este

This Venetian is a merchant of the Narsene Lasombra, and one of the pillars of Bishop Alfonzo's power in the Latin Quarter. He oversees the ports for his sire.


A young man dressed in the silk finery of a Venetian merchant lord. His brown hair is short and meticulously groomed, and his blue eyes are calculating. He is armed with a spathi and a dagger.


Marko is the eldest of Bishop Alfonzo’s progeny, and has long been a quiet stalwart of Narsene Lasombra power in the city. While his sire is responsible for out-manouvering and out-witting the Antonian Ventrue on the political scene, it is Marko that succeeded in stopping Doux Chrysopolis Maris Argyrus from working his way back into the ports in the wake of the Latin Riots of AD 1185. Even so, Alfonzo favoured the wastrels Juliano and Adrianna over Marko, whom the Bishop often derided as being “funless, and as dry as the deserts of Egypt”.

The murders of Juliano and Adrianna have afforded Marko and his brother-in-blood Gregorio the chance to once again enter the favour of their sire. This they have done in dramatic fashion, stepping up their roles above and beyond their traditional duties and raising their profiles as Bishop Alfonzo’s chief lieutenants in the Latin Quarter.

Working with his fellow Narsene Lasombra and his fellow Venetian, Markus Musa Giovanni of Clan Cappadocian, Marko continues to enrich the Latins at the expense of the Greeks. He is a hated figure throughout the rest of the city, and travels between the ports with a large, well-armed escort.

Marko D’Este was present at the Narsene blood feast in honour of the coterie, and showed himself to be one of the more reserved of his siblings. However, any illusion that he was more humane or honourable than the rest of the Narsene Lasombra was shattered when he readily took part in the hunt on the human prisoners. Marko is bound up as a partner of Markus Musa Giovanni in the Siebenburgen-Constantinople trade route enterprise with the Gangrel Gunther ritter von Wolfgang.

Lineage: Childe of Alfonzo, Childe of Narses, Childe of Galerius, Childe of Deinomemes (d), Childe of Lasombra

(d)= destroyed

Marko D'Este

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