The Prince of Cluj-Napoca (he refuses to use the German title of Klausenburg); this cunning and courageous Gangrel protects his city fiercely and without compromise, exacting a blood tithe from the people in return for his efforts.


While Mitru attacked the coterie, none of them actually saw him. They have no idea what he looks like.


The Cainite master of Klausenburg is new to the blood, having been Embraced little more than a decade before the turn of the 13th century. Even so, his reputation is formidable and he is thought to hold the respect of many of the Transylvanian Gangrel. While the circumstances that earned him Arnulf’s Embrace are largely unknown outside of his clan-mates in the region, he is considered to be something of a hero. His mastery of the bow is thought to be second-to-none, and his martial prowess continues to keep his claim to Domain over his native town of Cluj- Napoca (also called Klausenburg by the Saxons) quite secure.

Mitru suffers no Cainite strangers in his demesne, and allows none but his own brood to pass through the gates into his city. Cainite interference from afar is also unwelcome, and Mitru has adopted the approach of keeping Klausenburg poor to dissuade his rivals from taking an interest in the settlement. He boasts (truthfully) that no mortal of his Domain has been slain by a Cainite since he declared himself Prince. In return for his protection, the superstitious mortals of his lands willingly sacrifice buckets of blood to the feared and respected “Forest Spirits”. He also takes a dim view of the mortal Saxons lording it over his fellow Vlachs, and Klausenburg alone of the Siebenburgen has a measure of equality among it’s citizenry.

The prince of Klausenburg took exception to the coterie inviting itself into his Domain. Rather than confronting them within the bounds of the city, however, Mitru instead summoned his brood and ambushed them once they were on their way again. While none of them actually saw the master archer, a number of them were wounded by him and Maude lost her valuable servant and friend, Hermann Chriegler. The coterie fought off Mitru and his servants, but the prince warned them not to approach his demesne again as he vanished into the dark forest.

Lineage: Child of Arnulf, Childe of Pard; of the line of Genger, also known as the Nomad.


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