A cautious Nosferatu Feral who prefers to move under cover of Obfuscate even among his companions. He is the chief scout of De Nord Sânge.


A flabby, monstrously ugly old man, with a mess of sharp fangs and broken teeth, deeply inset black eyes and scaly, flaking skin. He is naked to the waste and wears homespun rags for pants and footwear. He carries a spear with a fire-hardened wooden tip, and has a hatchet slipped through his belt.


Morovis is the chief scout and haven finder of De Nord Sânge, and is the representative of the bestial Nosferatu Parldo. The Feral packs of Parldo Lup have plagued the northern Carpathians and the plains beyond for centuries, but they have suffered as much as any of the local powers that be under the relentless onslaught of the forces of Noriz, the Corruptor of Legions. In desperation, Parldo threw in his lot with the newly self-proclaimed Voivode of Suceava, Mircea Dzardescu. Morovis is Parldo’s gesture of good faith towards the alliance.

He is a survivor, and while he walks the Road of the Beast he is not as brutal or ruthless as most of his coterie. Unfortunately, he is deeply fearful of his companions, and indeed much of the world at large, and has been thoroughly cowed into doing his duty. Draguta shows him an occasional kindness, and Bogdan listens to his advice on where to find safe routes and temporary havens, but Morovis knows that he is considered the weak link in the formidable chain that is De Nord Sânge.

Lineage: Childe of Parldo Lup; of the line of Berchtha the Iron Nosed and Baba Yaga the Iron Hag.


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