Nahum Ben Enosh

This secretive elder is one of the last remaining childer of Saulot, the destroyed antediluvian of the broken Salubri clan. He is a noted sage, a great healer, and a font of practical wisdom.


A harmless, doddering old man, dressed in traveller’s robes and leaning heavily on a walking staff. His hair and beard are quite white, and his face is a map of wrinkles. He radiates a certain calm weariness.


Nahum started out as a Talmudic scholar, spending his days in the yeshiva, studying and arguing all the fine points of Jewish Law. One evening, as he was heading home, he was overheard saying that he regretted his rapidly approaching death. Old age was catching up with him, and he mourned all of the knowledge that he had not had time to acquire. It was Saulot who overheard Nahum’s comments, and so it was that the venerable Salubri Founder Embraced him.

He spent the following centuries learning and passing on his knowledge to others. While he despaired reconciling the blood prohibition and the Cainite condition, he reconciled to the fact that Yahweh’s plans for him were far beyond his meagre, mortal comprehension. Blood feeding not withstanding, Nahum could not imagine himself as a warrior and so walked the road of the Salubri healer instead.

Before long, Nahum widened the scope of his studies beyond the Torah to consider the nature of demonic pacts as well. What are demons exactly? Why does Yahweh allow them to exist? What purpose do they serve? Is it possible for a mortal or Cainite to control one? Or are Cainite and kine alike merely fooling themselves into believing that they can control a demon. Eventually, he took on the studies of the Salubri warrior as well, reasoning that the attrition rate of his combative brothers and sisters in their incessant hunts of the infernal might cause valuable lore to be lost to future scions of the clan.

A scholar of considerable repute, Nahum ben Enosh has been at his trade for more than a 1000 years. However, the loss of Saulot in the early part of the 12th century, and then so many more of his beloved family in the years since, has awakened a terrible melancholy in him. Some among the failing clan look to him for leadership as their numbers dwindle, but Nahum has ever been a teacher, not a leader. He has quietly slipped through the city’s of the eastern Mediterranean, searching for others of his kind that might provide a means to find someone who is. In recent decades he has been seen in Athens, Constantinople, Rhodes, Limasol and Jaffa. Some speculate that he has gone to ground in Antioch, Jerusalem or Alexandria, while others believe he has left the Mediterranean altogether, disappearing into Araby or the lands south of the Sahara.

Whatever the case, the Tremere would pay well for information leading to his discovery and capture…

Embrace: early 3rd century A.D.
Lineage: Childe of Saulot (d)

(d)= destroyed

Nahum Ben Enosh

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