Natalya Syvatoslav

The Autokrator of the Lexor Brujah, this ancilla is ultimately responsible for administrating the mammoth Byzantine bueaucracy- a nigh impossible task.


This lady has a soft beauty, with delicate bones, supple skin and blonde hair. Her crystal clear blue eyes sparkle with intensity. She wears a long, flowing dress that accentuates her figure.


Natalya was born to a noble family just before the Russian prince Vladimir converted to Christianity. Benefitting from Vladimir’s appreciation for education and recognition of her prodigious intellect, Natalya was sent an an early age to the University of the palace hall at Magnaura in Constantinople. Once she arrived in the Queen of Cities, she fell in love with everything Byzantine. When her studies were complete, she was offered a magistrate post, which she accepted eagerly.

Natalya rose rapidly through the bureaucracy’s ranks, attracting the attention of the Brujah Autokrator Tribonius. He saw in Natalya the passion he once possessed, and he decided to Embrace her, a prospect which she accepted as eagerly as her magistracy. She became enthused with the Brujah ideal of building Carthage anew within the auspices of the great Dream of Constantinople.

For many years of Natalya’s unlife, Tribonius had her travel the known the world and learn from notable Brujah. Her companion and occasional lover on some of these journeys was the dynamic idealist, Procet, and the two of them pledged their eternal friendship and aid to one another. Together tbey explored the ruins of Carthage, debated the finer points of virtuous existence with the ancients of Classical Greece and the Bayt Mushakis of North Africa alike, and visited the farthest reaches of the clan from Persia to Portugal.

The marshalling of the First Crusade prompted Natalya, now homesick, to return to Constantinople. She found her beloved city had lost some of its luster. It was still home, though, and she rejoined her Lexor family as Tribonius’ second-in-command, assuming an active role as her sire spent his nights updating the Codex of Legacies.

Natalya was careful not to alienate her Family members, but a seed of jealousy was planted in the hearts of Theophilus and Dorotheus. With the approach of the imperial Comneni dynasty, Tribonius orchestrated a massive expansion of Byzantine bureaucracy, at times eclipsing the comprehension of even the Brujah Senate. The body urged him to restrain himself or at least codify his changes. Then in disaster struck in AD 1185.

Had the Senate been kept abreast of *Tribonius*’ changes, it might have been able to prevent the slaughter of the Latins. Theophilus and Doorotheus were slow to act and refused to aid Natalya as she attempted to control the situation. When the dust settled, Tribonius and Epirus (the Antonian Domestic Prefect) were singled out and executed for not preventing the disaster.

The following years were dark for the Lexor Brujah. It took Natalya over a decade to piece together the hundreds of hastily scrawled ledgers and treatises that formed the machinery of Byzantine bureaucracy. With time, the majority of civil institutions fell from Brujah control as Dorotheus and Theophilus, unable to come to terms with the loss of Tribonius and unwilling to accept Natalya as their Autokrator, proved to be pathetic leaders. Their progeny, Ian Musurus and Bardas Skleros, have proven to be capable administrators but have failed to keep up with their own duties as erll as their neglectful sires.

Procet returned to Constantinople in AD 1188 and immediately offered his loyal service, and the passionate idealist has spent much of the intervening period as Natalya’s faithful agent both at home and abroad. He Embraced the Latin knight Sir Conrad de Monreal in Beirut in AD 1194, and while it took the neonate some time to find his legs, he has proven most useful as a liaison with the mercenary Latinkon knights attached to the city guard. Finally, Natalya has seen fit to Embrace a childe of her own, and recently brought Leo Acominatus into the fold. The talented bureaucrat and writer is a cousin to the famous historians Michael and Nicetas Choniates, and he is already proving his worth.

Natalya and her Lexor Brujah have recently managed to restore a number of crucial departments. Their control is far from secure, however. If they had perhaps ten more years, Natalya is confident that they could streamline the bureaucracy and return it to its former state. By influencing key mortals in the imperial court and the Church, she hopes to stave off Constantinople’s collapse. However, she realises that this endeavour may be futile on her own, and has made overtures to other Scion families that have resolved to reinvigorate the Dream.

Also, the conspicuous efforts of the Lexor Brujah have seen opposition from enemies amongst the Antonian Ventrue. Both Anna Comnena and her childe, Irene Stellas have not taken Natalya’s interference in their demesnes lightly, and they have reciprocated by pushing their own pawns into the bureaucracy to circumvent Brujah influence. Natalya laments the waste of energy that could better be spent elsewhere, but the Antonians have so far not been receptive to overtures of truce.

Lineage: Childe of Tribonius (d), Childe of Critias(d?), Childe of Menele (d?), Childe of Troile

(d)= destroyed
(d?)= presumed destroyed

Natalya Syvatoslav

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