Nerea of Spain

A quiet, melancholic Brujah resident of the Latin Quarter of Constantinople.


A beautiful woman dressed in fashions reminiscent of the far western land of Iberia. Her brown hair, worn in simple style, is very long and her dark eyes hold a certain melancholic pride. She is fine-featured, with high cheek bones and a strong jaw, and she retains the dusky hue of her people. A pall of sadness hangs over her.


A Low-key resident of the Latin Quarter of Constantinople, where she dwells in the basement of a flophouse among the Amalfitan people. A frequent guest at the less lethal and debauched blood feasts of Alfonzo di Venezia, Nerea does not engage in any intrigues, either for or against the Lasombra Bishop. Nor does she appear to be interested in amassing power or station beyond simple feeding rights in her neighbourhood. Indeed, Nerea of Spain appears to want for nothing but atonement.

Several years after her Embrace at the fangs of her lover Gusman Bravo, a noted ancilla of Catalonia, she slew him in a fit of jealous anger. Nerea then fled Barcelona under Blood Hunt and wandered the world for some 30 years before finding haven in the Amalfitan Quarter. While not considered to be an important Cainite by any measure, Nerea has gained recognition among the Latin vampires for her keen observations and quiet, contemplative dignity. Alfredo d’Atrano, the nominal master of the Amalfitan Quarter, particularly values her opinion, and often seeks her out.

Some have noted that unlike the other Latins, she watches the decline of Byzantium with sadness, and she has been heard to say more than once that “the world of the Children of Caine is coming to an end.” Despite her melancholy, Nerea almost appears to be wistful at the prospect.

Lineage: Childe of Gusman Bravo (d), Childe of Inigo Guitierrez (d?); further lineage is unknown.

(d)= destroyed
(d?)= probably destroyed

Nerea of Spain

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