Riccardo Pollomba

An unassuming jobsworth merchant of the Amalfitan Quarter. He is Carrion -- one of the Clanless -- and owes his loyalty to Alfredo d'Atrano.


A remarkably nondescript fellow dressed in the style of clothes common to thousands of merchants and craftsmen who dwell in the Latin Quarter. He is unassuming in his airs, and modest in his manner. His short hair is black and his eyes a pale blue. He carries a dagger at his belt, next to his purse.


Riccardo, like many of the weak-blooded Cainites of the Latin Quarter, has few airs or ambitions other than survival and a safe, modest living. Unfortunately, in the cut-and-thrust political and mercantile world of the winding, claustrophobic, filthy district of the Amalfitans, this is no easy task. For his survival, the young Caitiff has worked to make himself useful to Alfredo, the erstwhile “Master” of his quarter, and now serves as a decidedly subjacent member of his coterie. When he is considered at all, he is rarely judged by outsiders to be of much worth other than as a minion tasked with the drudgery of his fellows. Indeed the Caitiff appears to have a knack for being beneath everyone’s notice. Other than his skill with trade and his loyalty to his master, almost nothing is known of him.

Thought to have been Embraced by an unknown visitor to the district in the mid-1190’s, Riccardo Pollomba grudgingly entered the world of the Undead ignorant and unknown, without clan or strength of the Blood to offer him purchase. This he gained by throwing himself on the mercy of the late Master Sergius and his loyal enforcer,Alfredo d’Atrano, when he was finally brought to ground after surviving on his own for almost a year. His demonstrated flair for matters mercantile, as well as a certain mild-mannered capacity for being of use without being obtrusive, allowed him to keep his head long enough to become indispensable to their operations. When Sergius was assassinated in AD 1198, the Caitiff quickly and smoothly transferred his loyalty to Alfredo, and seems determined to stay useful to the Brujah.

On the balance of things, Riccardo finds it prudent to get on with his job, keep his word and avoid the games of treachery common to his fellows. He knows his station as one of the Carrion, and thanks God for his small blessings. He asks for neither status nor station; survival and relative autonomy appears to be enough. For their part, his coterie mates appear to appreciate his hard work, but are swift to remind him of his place on the rare occasion that he speaks out of turn. When he desires the company of others of his own kind, Riccardo looks for Nerea of Spain, who treats him kindly compared to the rest.

Lineage: Unknown. By all accounts the Caitiff was abandoned by his unidentified sire immediately after his Embrace. He is accounted a member of the 12th generation.

Riccardo Pollomba

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