Rodolphio di Salerno

This Nosferatu of the Amalfitan Quarter deals in information, thievery, illicit goods and extortion. He is the most mercenary of Alfredo d'Atrano's coterie; a useful, if dangerous, ally.


A monster who may have once been a young man, this creature has shaggy auburn hair and lively brown eyes. There the resemblance to a man ends, for his entire painfully deformed body is covered in scaly, putrescent grey skin, which splits and pulls away from his mouth, eyes and nose. Two long, thick fangs protrude from his mouth. He is garbed in the stinking robes of a beggar.


Rodolphio of Salerno has been a fixture in the Amalfitan Quarter since he and his late sire, Adelchis, arrived in the late 1160’s. Adelchis was a powerful Cainite elder, possessed of a conspirator’s mind and much experience in the vagaries of the illicit trades of the street. She was a major player in the politics of the district before the Latin Riots, but her considerable skills and cunning could not save her when the violent mobs of mortals (backed by Byzantine Cainites) rampaged through the area. The venerable Nosferatu matron was destroyed along with nearly every other Latin Cainite in the city. For his part, Rodolphio only survived because he was running an errand to Abydos on behalf of Adelchis. He has never forgiven the Greeks for the loss of his beloved sire, and has watched with smug pleasure the steady decline of the capital under the Angeloi.

For many years, Rodolphio kept to himself, plying his trade among Cainites and mortals of the quarter alike. He has worked with elements of the Narsene Lasombra at times, as well as certain ancillae and elders resident in the both the Pisan and Genoese quarters in addition to his own. In addition to his clan’s typical trade in information, he also makes coin liaising with a number of mortal criminal gangs as a fence, a planner for burglaries, and a source for blackmail schemes. Since AD 1198, he has found mutual advantage working closely with Alfredo, and is now a valuable member of the Amalfitan master’s coterie. The Brujah and the Nosferatu have struck up a typical camaraderie for the Undead, spending much of their time hatching plots to bring the quarter more firmly under their influence.

Unlike his late sire, who made her haven in the dockside tavern known as the Drunken Pirate, it is thought that Rodolphio chooses to lair somewhere in the broken sewers of the quarter. He still does business in the tavern, however, and is thought to have shares in it. The noted mortal fence, Galberta the Fat, can also be found there from day to day, taking meetings and plying her trade.

Lineage: Childe of Adelchis (d); further lineage is unknown, but he accounts himself a member of the 10th generation.

Rodolphio di Salerno

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