A spirited, independent-minded young lady of the Romanian nobility; she is an ally and ward of the coterie.


A graceful Romanian beauty, clearly of high birth. She has cascading black hair and thoughtful, haunted dark eyes. Although she is dressed as a daughter of the middle-class, in comfortable travelling clothes, she projects a certain imperiousness that cannot be mistaken. She is armed with a small knife.


This talented young lady was first encountered by the coterie on the slave block of the Royal Market in Pest. There she was being offered to the highest bidder for a sum many times that of the other “stock”; her selling points being her virginity, beauty and breeding as a member of the Romanian aristocracy. Despite her filthy rags, matted hair and unwashed body, her pride and self-possession were apparent. She managed to trip the auctioneer and made a break for freedom. The coterie diverted her pursuers and Sir Conrad de Monreal and Gunthar ritter von Wolfgang took the young lady under their protection. They even risked the displeasure of Prince Vencel Rikard and his master, King Bulscu, to ensure that Sherazhina did not fall into the clutches of the odious Roland Gravois.

According to Sherazhina, she was kidnapped in the dead of night from the security of her own home. She suspects that either her “troubled” brother, Dragomir, is somehow connected with the abduction or else her “Uncle” finally grew disenchanted with her precocious and unwomanly behaviour. Either way, while she initially offered a reward for her safe conduct back to her “Uncle’s” estate in Transylvania, before eventually admitting that she actually did not feel safe returning home. The coterie extended their protection indefinitely, for so long as she may need it.

In return, Sherazhina has been a font of information regarding the traditions and culture of the Old Country. She is distant kin to Veceslav Basarab, and has been well schooled in the history of their family and the connection that they appear to have with the Clan Tzimisce. Her own grandfather is Vintilla, an elder of the clan and Voivode of Săliştea, a territory to the south of the Siebenburgen settlement of Karlsburg. She also had extensive second-hand knowledge of the fallen Basarab tower in the Tihuta Pass, and knew enough to locate the secret bolt-hole haven in the foundation that contained mysterious, mad writings of what can only be surmised is an antediluvian.

Sherazhina has charmed each of the coterie in her own way, with Gunthar ritter von Wolfgang and Sister Maude Khlesl showing particular concern for her welfare. During one attack by some bandits, she was seriously injured and displayed supernal healing ability. She claims that, worried over her survival chances throughout the harsh and perilous winter trek, she also sought the aid of her kinsman, Veceslav Basarab and consumed some of his blood in order to become a ghoul for the time being. Both were reluctant to admit this to the rest of the coterie, and are also guarded about going into much detail regarding their familial ties. Iulia considers her to be a fellow Romanian noble, and displays all due noblesse oblige to the mortal as well as seeking her advice regarding the character and aims of Voivode Vintilla. Before he was forced to take his leave, Sir Conrad de Monreal kept a polite, chaste and protective distance, and Sherazhina found his odd ways more than a little amusing.

For the most part, she has been a quiet travelling companion, preferring to blend into the background and help where needed. Most of the Herd consider her a friend as well. She has also been a capable and diligent fighting pupil of Gunthar ritter von Wolfgang, Agmundir the Cunning and especially Laszlo Szantovitch, with whom she shares a strange and curious friendship.


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