Vencel Rikard

A walker on the Path of Chivalry on the Road of Kings, this prince works for the stability of Greater Hungary and the greatness of the Arpad line.


Though only of medium stature and build, this man projects an image of greater height and power. His light brown hair is offset by pale blue eyes that can crinkle with good humour or impale an enemy with flinty coolness. He wears finely made, tasteful clothing and a bejewelled ring, and is armed with only a simple dagger.


Vencel Rikard, as prince of Buda-Pest, is one of the most influential Cainites of Western Hungary. Only Bulscu stands above him in the esteem of the Arpad line, and only Archbishop Geza of Esztergom and Prince Gregor of Pressburg are his equals in stature. Prince Vencel is known to be of a moderate nature, favouring trade and diplomacy over conquest and conflict. The acrimony between he and his brother-in-blood Geza is well known throughout the Cainite courts of the nation, and is the exception to the rule of his temperament. It appears, at least to the eyes of outsiders, to be a struggle for dominance of the bloodline now that Bulscu has largely retired from Cainite politics. In recent years, this stuggle has taken the form of Vencel’s backing of the mortal Prince Andras against his brother King Emeric (favoured by Geza) in the dynastic struggles currently troubling the land. In addition, Rikard has welcomed numerous Cainites of disparate natures and clans to facilitate his plans of having Buda-Pest displace Esztergom as the seat of the royal family.

He has held the Domain of Buda-Pest since Bulscu assigned it to him after his elder brother-in-blood, Zombar, went to the Final Death at his own hand in AD 1074. He has proven to be an able, if not gifted prince, and King Bulscu has never regretted his decision. Prince Vencel is expert at negotiating the treacherous politics of the Arpad Ventrue, though he leads by virtue of providing a model of exemplary chivalrous behaviour rather than through “low” intrigue. His reputation is that of an honourable, noble, fair-minded and discerning knight, dedicated to his sire, King Bulscu, in all things and possessed of a certain flair for delegation.

Lineage: Childe of Bulscu, Childe of Heinrich of Volstag, Childe of Erik Eigermann (d?), Childe of Veddartha

(d?)= probably deceased

Vencel Rikard

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