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Ceoris has been the primary chantry of the Tremere for centuries, both before and after they were transformed into vampires. The chantry was founded by Tremere himself in Transylvania, during the time when the Tremere were still the mortal magi of House Tremere. Ceoris was the site of Goratrix’s research that led him to perform the ritual that transformed Tremere and the original Council of Seven into vampires, and it still serves as the haven of both Tremere and Etrius. It is also the birthplace of the Gargoyles and certain other Thaumaturgical innovations that have made their services much desired by the Clans of Caine.

As their grand chantry, it also their primary bastion against the Tzimisce and their allies during the Omen War, and much of the land for leagues around it has become blasted and ruined in the conflict. Many of the chantry’s client villages, which once supplied it with servants and supplies, are deserted ruins. Since the turn of the 13th century, the chantry has also been attacked by the Tremere’s former allies amongst the mortal Order of Hermes.

According to the Tremere Eridanus, the grand chantry of Ceoris lies no more than seventy miles from the Transylvanian Saxon settlement of Kronstadt, though he proved rather more elusive regarding how it might be reached.


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