(modified from Ashen Knight, p. 100)

This skill denotes familiarity with the growing chivalrous culture and the ability to live up to its expectations of behaviour. A character with Chivalry knows what is expected of him (or her) in what situation and can discuss the merits of Crusade and tourney, all the while maintaining the bearing of his assumed station. Characters without actual rank can use this skill to fake it, and minor knights can inflate their position. This skill can also be used to draw the attention of a particular lord or lady.

  • Level One- Novice: Familiar with the ideals of chivalry, you seldom put them into practice.
  • Level Two- Practiced: You have a noticeable chivalrous bearing and recognise station at tourneys. Ladies look for you in the lists.
  • Level Three- Competent: Passages of various troubadour songs come easily to mind. Ladies compete to have you wear their favours in the lists.
  • Level Four- Expert: Your romantic and martial life appear as examples of knightly behaviour. Ladies swoon when you walk by, court wits gossip about you, and troubadours seek you out to hear your tales.
  • Level Five- Master: The virtues of chivalry run deep in your blood, and you may exert your station with only a glance. You might even be considered the personification of Lancelot.
  • Level Six- Legendary: You know the troubadour’s songs so well because they often refer to you. You are the very paragon of the chivalrous ideal, and may have even originally inspired the likes of Odo of Cluny or Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Possessed by: Knights, Squires, Nobles, Courtiers, Social Climbers, Charlatans and Poets.
Specialties: Documentation, Individual Favour, Courtly Gossip, Tourneys


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