(modified from Ashen Knight, p. 100)

No tutor could instill the quality of frankness or franchise into a base-born curl, no book learning could bestow it upon a poverty-stricken scholar. The mien of a free and noble knight is his instinctive birthright, enhanced by, but not dependent upon, good manners or elegant speech.

This talent is not a mandatory purchase for a noble-born character, but most characters of high birth carry themselves differently than serfs or villeins. Franchise quantifies that difference and may be used instead of Etiquette, Leadership or Intimidation at the Storyteller’s discretion (in situations where inherent social security matters more than actual behaviour).

Note: In centuries to come, and the changing social climate that comes with them, this talent will evolve into Grace in the modern nights.

  • Level One- Novice: You still have a tendency to blush, duck your head, or flinch at loud commands, but it is clear that you are no farmer.
  • Level Two- Practiced: Save for when you are in the throes of depression, you carry your head high and your shoulders squared.
  • Level Three- Competent: You drop your eyes before the gaze of no man or woman.
  • Level Four- Expert: You radiate a confident authority that seems to serve as a constant reinforcement of the current hierarchical status quo.
  • Level Five- Master: It is readily apparent to anybody with functioning eyes that you are a powerful noble.
  • Level Six- Legend: Jongleurs compare Lancelot to you when they compose songs.

Possessed By: Knights, Nobles, Kings and Queens
Specialties: At Court, Battlefield, Challenges, Silent Bearing, Oration


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