Session Twenty-Seven

Tracking the Wolf

  • George followed the varcolak(aka werwolfen, aka wolfman) that fought Gunthar and Veceslav
    He also investigated the area where the creature was wounded, and found a number of corpses. He was then able to surmise that a battle took place between rival groups of varkolaki.
    The varcolak fought alongside other varcolaki against a group of misshapen beasts – wolves and men. The misshapen things were like birth defects, but were unnatural. All of the misshapen things were killed, and all of the varcolaki other than the one Gunthar and Veceslav fought.
    The surviving varcolak did some kind of ceremonial ritual over its fallen packmates, but not over the misshapen things. Afterwards the creatures of the forest ignored the misshapen things, but ate the fallen varcolai.
  • After the battles, one against the misshapen things and one against Gunthar and Veceslav, the lone surviving varcolai walked back to a Magyar castle located 20 miles NW of the tower, and to the NNE of Bistriz. The varcolak changed its shape to that of a man and sought shelter inside the castle as a man. It had been terribly wounded by the battles.
  • It’s name is Ambrus

Summary of Trade through the Tihuta Pass

  • Furs from the north (particularly vair, from Kieven Rus and Novgorod, etc going to Bistritz)
    Wood from Bistriz going to the north from Bistritz
  • Wools and cotton travel to the north and north-east
  • Silks go to the south-west, eventually to Belgrade, as do spices and amber
  • Wood is an export of the Seibenburgen as a whole.
  • Silver and salt are exported from the Kronstadt area, and also Klausenburg.

What can we do for each other?

  • Some discussion is had about Mentors, and the strengths that they can offer the coterie as a whole, the aim of the discussion is to lay out what total resources, backgrounds etc that the coterie has as a whole, and so plan how to coordinate these effects.
  • Diego, Alaric’s mentor, has influence and resources based in both the Roman and Orthodox Churches, as well as among the Knight’s Templar.
  • Gabor, Veceslav’s sire, has good contacts and retainers (3) but nothing else.
  • Lady Katrina, Iulia’s sire, has resources from the fur trade with Kiev and Rus, and has status and influence as a the envoy of Prince Marcus Licinius of Adrianople.
  • Deitrich, mentor of Maude, has land around Vienna (Resources 3), and is trying to re-establish and expand his mercantile resources and contacts; he has Status 3 and a Herd of 20+ people.
    Lucien, Gunthar’s sire, has Status 3, Allies in based in transport and shipping across Europe and with the elders of Frankfurt; he also has land in many areas of Europe (Resources 4) and contacts among the elders of Europe

<<insert>> April 03, 1198

Consequences and Repercussions

  • Lady Perlina was stricken by the tablets and is now in torpor. Maude hopes to revive her by learning a ritual common to her clan.
  • Gunthar ritter took it upon himself to stake Perlina, reasoning that such would cause her Auspex to warn her of danger and bring her to consciousness.
  • Obviously, her bodyguard, Urma, would not stand for this and attacked the Gangrel.
  • The rest of the coterie were aghast at his actions, and some sought to stop him.
  • Maude froze Gunthar with her powers, bringing the fight to an end.
  • Urma openly distrusts the Gangrel now, and will not let him get within 10 feet of Perlina.
    Gunthar found the whole thing deeply amusing.
  • After a couple of nights of Lady Perlina in torpor, she is loaded onto a cart by Urma and taken back to Bistritz to recover. Maude promises to awaken Perlina by way of a Mortis ritual. Iulia and Ser Alaric escort the caravan back to Bistritz.

Discussions of Clan Progenitors

  • There was also discussion as to where current Antedeluvians may or may not be. The common wisdom is that…
  • Lasombra is in a castle in Sicily; Troile is trapped in the ground in Carthage; Arakel is in Greece in disguise; Ennoia’s whereabouts are unknown; Ravana is in India; Malkav is in the ground in Jerusalem, or somewhere else in the Holy Land; Absimiliard’s whereabouts are unknown; Tzmisce is in Transylvania somewhere; Set is in a crypt in Egypt, perhaps under the pyramids; Haqim is at the Hashashinn HQ in Outremer; Cappadocius is in a special monastery in Cappadocia
    It was believed that the Antideluvian of the vision is one of those with Auspex as a clan discipline so it must be: Malkav, Saulot, Tzimisce, Cappadocius or Arakel.

Further Construction

  • With the aid of Vykos’ silver, the tower is taking shape, but it will be close.
  • Zelios, the master stone mason, could help. Radu will be asked to set up a meeting.
    Apparently, the Nosferatu is very passionate about his work, and has a very fine aesthetic sense of form and structure. He cares nothing for politics; only his art.
  • By April 31, 1198, the main room and side room of tower basement have been dug out, cleared, and made habitable. Work is in progress on the joists to create the ground floor.

Other Developments

  • Mildak is no longer afraid of Jals; she speaks with as much clout as an elder in the village affairs
  • Maude is slowly making friends through the wise-woman, Pilika
  • Gunthar is trying to recruit good hunters/warriors to his band, but faces difficulties from the language barrier and dislike between the villagers and his mercenaies
  • Veceslav uses birds to send a message of greetings to Belledodia the Koldonic witch. She responds via the wind, whispering in Veceslav’s ear that he is welcome to come to her at the village of ‘Moltuc a Munpacu’ in the mountains if he comes alone.
  • When Gunthar sleeps in the soil he experiences daymares, as if Kupula is watching. He does not try this again.

Fiendish Visitors

  • Vykos comes to the tower, escorted by 25 of his guards, and accompanied by Ilias Cel Frumos.
  • Ilias is disturbed as soon as he gets out of the wagon. He says ‘things’ are watching.
    The experience of reading the tablet is retold. It seems that afterwards, every supernatural thing for miles and miles around has been watching the tower and concentrating their energies on the tower and its inhabitants.
  • Maude confirms that the Shroud is thin here, and the distance between life and death has diminished.
  • Ilias conducts a ritual, calling on the power of Jarilo as a god of the Spring, to nullify the ‘influences’ affecting the tower.
  • Vykos and Ilias stay at the tower for a few weeks. They bring workers and oxen to speed the construction of the tower, ensuring it will be contructed to satisfaction well before the required date.
  • Ilias completes Veceslav’s training in the Koldunic Arts. Veceslav is now an Acolyte of the Earth Ways.
  • Vykos tries ‘Spirits Touch’ on the translation disk. He sees that they were written by Mentios, a Tzmisce Christian monk from the Obertus order. He has not been heard from in centuries. He was a child of Gesu.
  • Mentios was known to have messianic tendencies. He disappeared when consulting with Malkavians, listening to their prophecies, in about 700 AD.
  • Mentius is one of Gesu’s first childer. He was a neonate when he created the translation disk. Mentius could feel Kupula overwhelming his beliefs when he wrote the disk. Mentius saw the disks as a way of bringing about the second coming of Christ.

Attendance: Gunthar ritter (Greg; xp3), Maude (Dave, xp3), Veceslav (Ben, xp2+1 pending), Absent: Sir Alaric (Anthony, xp0)


Session Twenty-Seven

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