Campaign of the Month: August 2014

The Concord of Ashes

The Battle outside Letzav

The Battle

  • The coterie plans in great detail for the raid. The three key factors will be (a) building up a good supply of blood so the coterie goes into the battle amped and with full blood supply, (b) Maude’s rituals to prepare and shape the battlefield, and © using animal scouts to gather information on the battle-site and enemy movements and possible strengths & tactics.
  • The coterie beings come together in terms of combat teamwork. For the actual ambush, fighting in small teams to overwhelm the key enemies with tactically greater numbers will be what provides victory.
  • The feral pack did what was expected. They moved into the prepared ambush area and were immediately unsettled and began searching for the trap.
  • The ability of Beltanz, the leader, to call animal swarms was unexpected, but not deadly. It did force the coterie to concentrate on him, though, which left Gunthar’s valued retainer Karliv to hold the line against 3 of the enemy. Needless to say, he fought hard but things did not go well for him.
  • The swarms prevented coterie members from aiding Karliv and so he died. Karliv was slain and fed upon by three of the enemy. This blood strengthened them, but not enough to provide any real threat to the fight.
  • Jals, the youngest Cainite in the enemy party, fled. He was chased down by Francois, Rossos,
    Mihor and Gunthar; staked, and brought back to answer questions.
  • As a result of his wounds, Gunthar’s face was severely deformed by claws and vicissitude. The damage will take Gunthar over a week to heal. He was more distressed by the wounds to his face than any others that his allies have seen thus far.
  • Beltans bargained for his life, claiming knowledge of a sleeping elder who could be soul-eaten. He proposed taking the elder’s blood and would help the coterie do so if only he could continue to exist. He also promised wealth, taken in raids from villagers and travelers. Maude was disgusted and argued for slaying him.
  • The decision was made to hand Beltans over to the villagers, but only after a proper display had been done.
  • The defeated Cainites were executed, with Gunthar and others chopping off their heads. Only Beltanz and Jals were left.
  • Francois bled the vampire he staked and drank its blood; as is his way. Everyone was, more or less, fine with this. When Francois tried to do something similar to Beltans, whispering about how he could smell Beltanz’ sweet blood, the coterie was a little creeped out.
  • Jals gave his story. He was a hunter and knew the area well. He was made a night-monster and forced to drink the blood of the others so he would obey them. He showed them passes in the mountains and was to take them to the hidden village high in the mountains. He was made to do horrible things, things he wants to forget. He knows little of his nature now, but has learned the basics of Auspex, Protean, Animalism, and Visccisitude. He has family in the village who now spurn him as a dead thing, a demon. Jals expressed a sincere repentance for what he had done and been made to do, and a desire to do and be different. The coterie instantly decided to take him into their care and charge.
  • The village refused to let the coterie inside. Sir Alaric tore off the front gate. Jals called for the villagers to come out and meet the new masters. He called in Saxon. Someone answered, saying he was a demon, but refused to come outside.
  • Sir Alaric tore off the door to their hut. Gunthar asked them outside. They refused. Gunthar turned on his red eyes and said if they did not come outside, he would come inside and tear out the throats of the little girls in front of the men. They came outside after that.
  • Utterly spent by the costs of her Mortis magics, Maude expressed horror at his threats, but said little else.
  • Outside, they were directed to the immobile Beltanz, and told that this demon that had terrified them was now ready for their justice. They began to argue amongst themselves, with Jabbanak (younger more proactive and violently minded elder, related to Jals, leader of the raiders) versus Volgan (old and conservative with white hair, who argued that all night-monsters will bring only trouble and so should be shunned).
  • The process went on too long, and the villagers began to not fear the Cainites. Veceslav lacked the right language. Iulia could speak Rus and so spoke with them in harsh and imperious tones.
  • She later mentioned that she told them we were demons and soul-stealers. She used shadow-magic to draw the shadows to her. Alaric did likewise, drawing the shadows to the red cross on his tabbard abd turning it black. At signals from Iulia, Veceslav and Gunthar brought out their claws and red eyes. Iulia then called forth for the ones called Ugok and Jabbanak were brought forward for our justice. She shoved dark shadows down their throats, saying that she was tainting their souls for the effrontery of challenging the coterie’s power. There was wailing and gnashing of teeth.
  • Maude’s horror spilled out once again at this behaviour, but she was quickly hushed by the others.
  • A pyre was built to immolate Beltanz. The coterie, as the lords and masters, were asked to stay. The coterie could feel the palpable terror of the staked Beltanz, and he was burned to nothing.
  • Ugok and Jabbanak were taken away and back to the Tower site. There justice was done. Ugok, who killed Dildabek the Pecheneg mercenary, was killed painfully by the mercenaries and placed at the feet of Karliv’s funeral pyre. Jabbanak was savagely beaten, had his beard shorn and then raped by Dildabeck’s brother before being sent back to his village.
  • Mildak, Jals’ sister, was also returned to the village at this time. Iulia had influenced her with post-hypnotic suggestions and will use her as a tool to control the Pecheneg village. Mildak was influenced to see Jals as still alive, and not as a dead demon.
  • ___________________________________________________*
    Attendance: Gunthar ritter (Greg; xp3), Maude (Dave, xp3), Veceslav (Ben, xp2+1 pending), Sir Alaric (Anthony, xp3)




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