Campaign of the Month: August 2014

The Concord of Ashes

Well Met in Tihuta Pass

The Daughter of the Dark Bishop and the Son of the Idiot…

  • The coterie rides past the campfire and into the foundations of the tower, scattering a pair of dishevelled but dangerous looking pilgrims. They they find a dirty man with matted blonde hair, blood in his beard, a beatific, knowing smile on his face and a mad, fanatical gleam in his eye. He appears to be using a broken piece of wood as a (rather ineffective) shovel. They quickly take stock of their surroundings, and decide that the man is apparently alone as he drops the plank. He then says:
  • “Blessed art those who come in glory to the place of reservations. Greetings, fellows; I am Anatole, seeker of that which was been lost and which will come again into the hands of those who are the chosen agents of God. Your coming is the sign that I have long awaited. The field is fallow, awaiting those who will search for the seed of wisdom buried deep within its hidden places. We must make all speed, for the time is coming when all will have need of words of counsel. Together we shall mark the signposts for the road to salvation.” Anatole that throws his arms wide in friendly welcome, calling out towards the two fearful pilgrims, “Fabiano, Laban, lay aside your weapons. We are in no danger.”
  • The general response from the coterie is wary bemusement. Once again they have come upon a Malkavian, and once again they feel like the catspaws of fate. Gunthar ritter von Wolfgang takes the initiative, and introduces the coterie.
  • A rich, cultured voice issues forth from nearby as an exotic, sultry beauty steps from the concealing shadows that had been empty moments before: “I too offer my welcome, strangers. I am Lucita d’Aragon, of the Clan of Shadow; Childe of Archbishop Ambrosio Luis Moncada of Madrid, Childe of Sylvester de Ruiz, Childe of Cleobolus, Childe of Boukephos, Childe of Lasombra.” She then drops into a perfect courtsey.
  • It is obvious to the coterie that the two Cainites are friendly, and after a short interval of exchanging stories and establishing bloodlines, all get to work under the direction of Sherazhina, who has a good idea where the “Word” might be.
    Dubious Revelations
  • After hours of digging, Sherazhina uses the power of the Blood to strengthen herself and opens the secret door under the stairs. Revealed is a room that contains the remnants of a bed, several chests and some partially collapsed book cases holding numerous scrolls (many of them ruined from the damp). Three clay tablets are also found, along with a wrapped bundle.
  • The tablets are inscribed with an ancient language, alien to all present. The bundle is revealed to be a golden disk, purposed to translate the unknown scratchings into Latin.
  • Maude busies herself performing rituals to save the remaining scrolls while Iulia and Lucita painstakingly start translating the tablets. Meanwhile, Gunther ritter, Veceslav and Laszlo scout the area while Sir-Alaric, Anatole, Agmundir, Mihor, Fabiano, Laban and Benedict stand guard at the site.
  • The next night, Maude and Sherazhina reveal the scrolls to be an ancient family tree of the Basarab family. Veceslav and Sherazhina are both pleased with this outcome. Maude then directs her scholastic brilliance at the tablets. By the end of the night, the following translation has been made:
Thus, I set down my true visions so that I may remember and keep to the Path I have chosen. Only I of us all shall know the truth, and this shall be my shield and my spear. Most exalted shall I be in the time of the Final Days. Even the Father shall quail before my might

Let the lesser ones war upon the other, each hearkening to the omens that I have foreseen. Fools, all! By my guile, they know not the actual signs, but merely shadows of those things that shall be.

Let the world tremble when I come in my might and majesty, for I shall rule above our Father, above the Mother who gave succor to our Father, above the children of Seth, Yea, even above God himself. Let the reign of blood commence.

  • Obviously, the rest of the night was spent in troubled debate over who may have written this madness, for surely it was one of the legendary antediluvians. Gunthar ritter noted that Havnor said not to trust the word of Zaolat, and that Zaolat sounded like Saulot. Maude scoffed at this, not just because the Salubri founder was fabled for his goodness but that he was dead. Veceslav ventured that perhaps this was the work of Malkav, as it mentioned visions and was clearly the work of a madman. Lucita and Iulia ventured that certain literary cues indicated that perhaps their own founder, Lasombra was the author. The Tzimisce founder was also brought up, given the location of the tower and it’s owners. Finally, the author of the golden disk was also speculated upon.
  • Lucita asked if anyone knew the power of “psychometron”, the spirit’s touch. If not, perhaps someone else could be found? Surely the impressions left by an antediluvian would remain, even millennia after they were crafted. Maude and Iulia both mentioned that Lady Perlina would have the ability, and the Cainites retired to sleep on the idea.

Attendance: Gunthar ritter (Greg; xp3), Maude (Dave, xp3), Veceslav (Ben, xp2+1 pending)
Absent: Sir Alaric (Anthony, xp0)

End of Session



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