An elder of the Clan of Death with ties to the Rabbinite Jewish community of Jerusalem. He serves his ancient sire as assistant and go-between with the other Cainites of the Holy City.


A deathly pale man in his mid-thirties, garbed in the robes of a scholar. His black hair and beard are long and curly. His right eye appears cloudy, although he seems to have no trouble seeing, and the side of his face is disfigured from a fire long ago. His left eye is dark brown, and gleams with knowledge and the desire to make use of it. He is unarmed.


(Expanded from the character as presented in Jerusalem by Night, pp. 75-76)

Adam is the loyal progeny, student and assistant of the ancient Cappadocian known as Abraham. With the exception of one notable situation, he has dwelt continuously within the Holy City for over four centuries, although he has been a recluse for much of that time. Despite his many years, Adam has never truly stepped out from under his sire’s shadow and made his own mark on Cainite society. His primary focus for much of his existence has been the care, maintenance, and protection of the library deep under an ancient synagogue. He even remained behind to watch over it when Abraham departed the city on his own mysterious business between the years of 1068 and 1125 AD.

Adam’s one leave-taking was in the year 1099 when, along with a number of other residents of Jerusalem, he chose to take refuge with the Lady Etheria in Bethlehem as the armies of the the First Crusade closed on the Holy City. The heavy boon owed for this sanctuary has come to haunt Adam, as Etheria is scrupulous with regards to the prestation game. Throughout his many years of residence, Adam has had little to do with the other Cainites of Jerusalem as his sire has insisted that he concern himself solely with their work. Moreover, his interest in the well-being of the Jewish community was largely neglected over the centuries; handled by ally, proxy and ghoul rather than through actual participation.

In recent years, this has begun to change. Adam has been drawn into the intrigues of the Christian Brujah against their bay’t Mushakis clanmates among the Ashirra. The century old boon owed to Lady Etheria, and by extension her progeny Boniface, has ensured Adam’s direct involvement in their designs. Curiously, despite his initial reluctance, the activity has served to energise the elder Cappadocian in unforeseen ways. Adam has shaken off the dust of centuries and now actively, if quietly, courts allies among the Rabbinite judges of Jerusalem as well as the other Cainites of the city.

By virtue of his shared contacts with Boniface, he puts himself forward as an intermediary between the Christian and Jewish communities, and is developing a reputation as a man of influence. Those vampires wishing to speak with Abraham, whose knowledge of theology, metaphysics, the occult and Cainite Lore is much in demand, must go through Adam, who has grown canny in spinning the opportunity into prestation advantage. For now, he is still seen as an elder of little account, but it is only a matter of time before this changes.

Adam also endeavours to have his own talented childe, Aharon ben David, replace him as an assistant in Abraham’s esteem as doing so allows him to concentrate on taking advantage of his newfound vitality and zest for unlife. Aharon, who served as Adam’s ghoul and research assistant before his Embrace, shares a number of his grandsire’s proclivities towards study, and is complicit in this goal.

Embrace: AD 813 .

Lineage: Childe of Abraham of Jerusalem; further lineage is unknown, but he places himself among the 6th generation.


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