Alexia of Nicosia

Progeny to Jervais bani Tremere, this Cypriot Tremere has endured a measure of infamy in the West to claim some power in the East.


A prepossessing creature in her early twenties, possessed of the figure of a woman used to long hours of scholastic pursuits and little manual labour. Her long fingers, perpetually stained with ink, also belie her preoccupation with study. She wears plain but serviceable clothes cut in the fashions of Cyprus, and her long, dark brown hair is coiled tightly atop her head. In addition to a somewhat delicate knife at her belt, several hard styluses can be seen protruding from a small, sturdy box. She carries a beautifully carved diptych wax tablet under her arm.


(expanded from the character as presented in Under a Black Cross, pp. 92-93)

Alexia Mavromatis served her sire as his second during the poor Tremere showing at the spring court of Jürgen von Verden at Magdeburg in AD1211. It was she who approached Albin the Ghost and Lucien de Troyes, asking them to steal the Sword of Sceptres and Roses and replace it with a fake. Ultimately, while Jervais and Thierry de Bruyères were ejected from the lands of the Eastern Lords, it was Alexia who endured the brunt of Lord Jürgen’s wrath. The sentence given for her transgressions, a Blood Hunt held in abeyance should she ever return to their lands, was a hard one, but not as harsh as it might have been. If not for her diplomatic credentials, Alexia would surely have perished. Still, her sacrifice allowed her sire, who might also have been implicated in the plot at much greater cost to the clan, to continue his role as diplomat (albeit a largely distrusted one) for the Tremere.

In any case, Alexia left in company with her sire and Thierry de Bruyères immediately, although not without shooting some tell-tale resentful looks at Jervais as they were packing. The three Tremere boarded their ensorcelled river-boat and made extraordinary time beating their way upriver, towards the more amiable river banks of Bohemia. A number of Lord Jürgen’s more impetuous vassals galloped after them, hoping to earn his favour by harrying them further.

The members of the Concord had little to do with Alexia at Magdeburg, so her history is rather more obscure to them than that of her sire, Jervais Bani Tremere. What little is known is that in AD 1211, Alexia was some 60 years undead, that she hails from Cyprus, and that she was a senior member of her clan on that island for some 30 years prior to her reassignment as Jervais’ second in his new role. It would seem that she is almost as accomplished as her sire in the Thaumaturgical arts, and is not without her wiles in the political arena as well. Her retainer, Father Jean of Famagusta, is a chaplain in the Order of Cyprus, a secular offshoot of the Hospitaller Order established by the Lusignan dynasty, and it is thought that Alexia enjoys significant influence among them.

The Ashen Band would make her acquaintance in 1217, upon their arrival outside of Acre on the crusade. Alexia travelled in the extensive entourage of King Hugh of Cyprus, and she appeared to enjoy a certain among of trust as an advisor on foreign customs as well as matters esoteric. When introduced to the court of Prince Etienne de Fauberge, her title given was that of Regent of Nicosia, revealing that she had recovered much since her disgrace in the Holy Roman Empire. She was immediately recognised by several of the Sword-bearer’s servants, including Berengar von Dohna, but she displayed no fear of them as she was far from Magdeburg, and surrounded by several able coterie-mates of her own. Sir Benjamin d’Alson, who is also known to the Concord, serves as her strong right hand, while the courtier Joscelin de Gibelet appears to make up in tact what his companions lack. In addition, all three Tremere were protected by a number knights of the Order of Cyprus, all of whom it would be safe to say are battened on the power of Cainite vitae.

Embrace: She has said that she was Embraced in the middle of the 12th century

Lineage: Alexia of Nicosia claims to be of the 8th generation. She is the childe of Jervais Bani Tremere, sometime vis-master of Ceoris and currently a roving diplomat acting on behalf of the clan elders. He in turn is the childe of Malgorzata, a beautiful and terrible magus who apparently holds significant status within the Great Chantry of Ceoris as well. She is the childe of Goratrix, one of the original members of the Council of Seven who made the decision to embrace vampirism as a means to eternal life and endless power. Goratrix is acknowledged as the nominal Childe of Tremere.

Alexia of Nicosia

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