Brother Gerasimos

An Obertus monk, deeply reverential of the Saint of the Divinity Within. Long ago, when they were both mortal, Gerasimos was the first Gesudian that Veceslav Basarab met.


An aging monk of the Akoimetai stands here, wearing the simple black habit, rope belt, and sandles of his order. An Orthodox crucifix hangs from his belt. His tonsured, balding, grey hair is unruly and sparse, his beard is full, bushy and streaked with silver, and there is a wry expression on his careworn face. He appears slightly bent, as if a hump is developing on his back, and he walks with a limp.


A simple Gesudian monk, with few pretensions regarding his place in the Dream of COnstantinople, Brother Gerasimos serves as Gesu’s emissary when Quaesitor Symeon,Brother Myca or any of the other “secular monks” are occupied by other duties. This is less because Gerasimos is any kind of talented, or even capable, diplomat and more because he looks relatively human. Most of the Obertus remain cloistered in the Monastery of St. John Studius, and are difficult to look at because of the physical manifestations of their explorations of the Divinity Within.

Brother Gerasimos is a relative contemporary of Veceslav. As a mortal, he was the Gesudian sent to the docks to meet the young scholastic aspirant when he arrived at the Golden Horn. He proved to be a taciturn, even unpleasant, introduction to the Gesudians for the Carpathian nobleman, and while the two remained on familiar terms over the coming years, they were hardly friendly.

Embraced in AD 1124 for his dedication to the ideals of the Gesudian Order, Brother Gerasimos has made his mark because of his mastery of Orthodox theology. He is sometimes called upon (albeit reluctantly) by the Quaesitor Tribunal and the Cult of the Archangel for his opinion on matters of Orthodox ritual or comparative dogma. His dry and laborious dissertations are also standard text for the students of the Monastery of Christ Pantokrator.

Lineage: Childe of Brother Harabilus, Childe of Gesu, Childe of the Dracon, Childe of the Eldest

Brother Gerasimos

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