The Antonian Palace Prefect; this elder claims the imperial family as his Domain, and is one of the most influential Cainites in the empire.


A good-looking, fine-boned man with unruly brown hair and intelligent, guarded brown eyes. He is dressed in the finery of a high palace courtier and is armed with a bejewelled dagger.


Ducas has been a fixture in the Antonian political landscape since his Embrace in the mid-ninth century, and has had express power over the imperial family since the demise of his own sire, Septima Dominica, since the turn of the millenium. An audacious fellow in the past, he even shepherded a number of mortal descendants onto the throne over a century ago, though the Doukid dynasty ruled for only 20 years, as his fellow Antonians complained to Caius’ about the nepotism at work in the palace. While the intrigue was once thick between he and Belisarius over control of the Comneni dynasty, Ducas has increasingly become more retiring since the Angeli took the throne. While he now leaves the cut and thrust of Antonian politics to others, he guards his Domain jealously, and more than one upstart has felt his power for assuming quietude to be weakness.

The aforementioned intrigue over the Comneni surrounded the succession of John over the husband of his elder sister, Anna, and considerable prestation capital was expended over the matter. Ducas evidently lost, for Anna was eventually forced to retire into a convent over the dispute. In the remaining 16 years of her life she penned the Alexiad, a historical and political treatise on her father’s reign. Ducas kept an eye on her, and eventually decided to Embrace her on her death bed once it became clear that the Antonians would lose a vital resource if she was allowed to slip away.

At present Ducas only advises Anna when expressly asked, and otherwise quietly keeps to his own Domain. While it would be a strong statement to say that their relationship has cooled, he is considered a neutral party in the intrigues between his progeny and Nicepherus. Ducas is a secretive, careful (one might even say paranoid) soul, and none except for Anna know what lies in his heart of hearts, or what his true goals really are. It is known, at least, that he harbours little tolerance for the Obertus Tzimisce for some reason…

As far as his Domain is concerned, the Angeli are a troubled and weak dynasty, and the Palace Prefect has his hands full trying to cultivate talent within their ranks while weeding out the bad, and the mad. He brooks no interference with the imperial family and has no interest in help, even from Anna.

Lineage: Childe of Septima Dominica (d), Childe of Antonius (d), Childe of Veddartha


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