Emeric of Toth

A brutal and loyal ghoul in the service of Erzebet Toth.


A solid warrior of Szekler stock, with broad, rugged features and dark brown eyes. He is garbed in mail over a leather jack and an open-faced helmet, and he carries a small shield. He is armed with a sabre and a knife.


Emeric is a crude, ill-educated but loyal sergeant of Szekler peasant stock. His family has served the lords of Toth for several generations, first as bonded farmers and later as soldiers. For his own part, he has been a servant and guardian to Erzebet since his first thrall in 1184 CE. Along with his fellow guards Andor and Szelt, he had also been her lover and a member of her herd for the entirety of this period. A Cainite driven by the powerful, unwholesome urges of the Beast, Erzebet would often use her ghouls for their bodies and blood several times each night, sometimes in rapid succession and often all at once. Like many ghouls, these perverse experiences of pleasure and pain, along with the power of the Blood Bond, sponsored within Emeric a rather twisted devotion to his mistress.

Along with his fellow retainers, Emeric travelled to Zara in the autumn of 1202 to wreak bloody revenge on the 4th Crusade for the murder of Erzebet’s brother Farkas. He took part in numerous atrocities to cause disruption and ruin on the invading army and conquered population, hoping to scatter and destroy the pilgrimage. Unlike Szelt and Andor, Emeric survived the assault by the Concord on their lair. Emeric fought well, and managed to backstab Sir Gunthar when the Gangrel grievously wounded his mistress. In return, the knight ran the ghoul through once Erzebet relented and told Emeric to surrender. The ghoul collapsed in agony, and resigned himself to a gruesome end, but the Ventrue Paladin, Sir Martin of Toulon, intervened.

The two knights quarrelled over the virtues of mercy and knighthood, and almost came to blows over the prostrate form of the wounded ghoul. Eventually, Sir Martin took Emeric as his prisoner, believing that Sir Gunthar would murder the ghoul out of hand. Later that week, a wager was made concerning Emeric and Bernard Dressler, *Sir Gunthar’s]] own high-born squire: the Gangrel bet that he could make a better knight out of the lowborn Szekler using simple Saxon practicality than the Ventrue could out of a high born squire using the virtues of chivalry.

Sir Martin accepted, with a number of qualifications and provisos, and suddenly Emeric realised that he might live for a while longer. He was reunited with Erzebet for the journey back to Toth, although he now technically served the Concord, not his lover.

Emeric fought bravely and with cunning at the Battle of Toth. He ‘played dead’ when wounded in the assault on the eastern wall, then tackled Koban’s warmaster, Timur, at a pivotal moment. This bought Maude and Bernhard precious seconds to recover and bring their might to bear. For his trouble, Timur hurled the ghoul off of the wall, and Emeric landed heavily in the ditch. While many of his bones were broken and he was left in agony, the macabre ministrations of Veceslav and Maude, as well as the healing power of the Blood, soon saw him up an about once more.

He would accompany the Concord back to Zara and from there on the further campaign, which ultimately resulted in the perfidious conquest of the Queen of Cities. Throughout the journey, he served as a temporary retainer to Iulia, who instilled within him a further understanding of the wider world as her servant. Nonetheless, eager to return home Emeric was grateful when he was released upon her triumphant return to power in Wei├čenburg in 1209.

Upon his return to Toth, he would encounter his old mistress again. Although his Blood Oath to Erzebet had largely waned over the 7 years of his service to the Concord, Emeric accepted her offer to return to her service rather than become a simple mortal man once more. He remains as a guardian of Toth castle, keeping an eye on her father-sire, Bodor, and making reports to her when she returns to the valley several times each year.

Emeric of Toth

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