Erzebet Toth

This Tzimisce neonate of Szekler blood walks the Road of the Beast instinctively. She is a cruel Cainite, but is deeply loyal to her family and her people.


Black hair, alabaster skin and a shapely figure would make this woman beautiful to behold, but her cold, disdainful brown eyes and haughty bearing puts you off. She wears a simple dress of expensive but sturdy cut for travelling, cut so that she may ride and run with ease.


Erzebet was sent to Zara by her father, Bodor, to avenge the murder of her brother, Farkas, by the 4th Crusade. Farkas was one of the brothers of the Obertus Monastery that was sacked and burned by the mortal zealot Gauthier de Dampiere.

The daughter of Toth proved to be a terrible force for vengeance, in spite of her young years. By flesh-crafting farm animals, selective murder and the use of prodigious talent with Animalism, she set Zara, already under pressure as a conquered city, to the edge of disaster. Only the intervention of Maude, Veceslav and Guthar ritter stopped her plans to see the city and Crusade destroyed. Her minions were slain, except for the ghoul warrior Emeric, and she was taken into custody. She claimed that she was only the first of several waves of saboteurs, and that Zara was doomed.

It was decided by Prince Gari of Zara and Sir Guy de Provence that this complication could not be countenanced by either the weakened Crusade or the unstable city. The Concord was asked to journey to Toth and negotiate with Bodor, and Erzebet and Emeric were taken with them as a sign of good faith.

On the road she proved to be quite the walking contradiction: an invaluable hunter with a simple and brutal methodology, she nonetheless displayed a gift for tactical thought; her merciless and arrogant attitudes did little to endear her to her travelling companions, but she displayed a strong streak of filial loyalty (albeit reinforced by the blood oath to Bodor) and she treats her servant Emeric kindly; and finally she displayed a curious ignorance of Cainite society and Discipline powers, but an excellent education in the occult. Most of the coterie are still unsure of her at this point.

Lineage: Childe of Bodor Toth; further lineage unknown.

Erzebet Toth

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