An angry, mistrustful creature given to following the urges of her Beast, Fruszina was Marelle's most prized Gangrel servant. She was slain at the Battle of the Black Cave,


Naked but for a ragged loin cloth and a pair of baldrics laden with throwing axes, this creature was the very epitome of the savage undead warrior. Large tufts of fur sprouted from shoulders, elbows, knees and feet, her back was entirely covered with bristly brown hair, and her ears resembled those of a wolf. Her hands and feed were permanently clawed. Amber coloured eyes, slitted like a cats, peered balefully at those around her.

In wolf form, her coat was a motley mix of tawny, brown and black. She was long-legged and very graceful, easily slipping behind her enemies at the Battle of the Black Cave.


An infamous member of the Hell Hounds of the Black Cave, this feral Gangrel was the most powerful of her clan among Marelle’s servants and certainly the oldest among the three packs that terrorised the Margraviate of Hermannstadt and the County of Făgăraș. She was also a frequent lover of the Sculptor of Wolves, but unlike Ghenadie she was violently jealous of her mistress’ other concubines. In an effort to earn Marelle’s gratitude and admiration, Fruszina would often be the first to throw herself into battle, and she was usually quick to volunteer if her mistress needed anything at all.

Although Fruszina served the Sculptor of Wolves for many years, and was by far the most aggressive and accomplished of the Gangrel among the Hell Hounds, it is known that her generation was in fact quite weak. She more than made up for it with her almost Lupine-like rage and ability to ride the wave of the Frenzy, her Beast giving her all the strength and determination she needed to overcome more instrinsically powerful foes. She was drawn to the phases of the moon; sometimes slipping into the earth for days at a time when Luna was new, and becoming the terror of the forest when it was full.

Despite her abilities, she ran into her match when the Viking Gangrel known as Svenin the Tall appeared at the Black Cave to offer his services to the Sculptor of Wolves. Fruszina instinctively hated and mistrusted the massive Northman; she prepared for their inevitable showdown but was firmly beaten and forced to submit when he later declared his dominance of Marelle’s servant Gangrel. She abided by the clan traditions, but her hatred of him only grew over the following month, as he arrived at the communal haven time and again to plot with Marelle. In private, Fruszina urged her mistress and her coterie-mates to destroy the other Gangrel. There was something… off, about him. Svenin the Tall could not be trusted.

It turns out she was right.

Within the month, the huge numbers of wolves and hell-hounds loyal to the Marelle began to sicken and die. Then the Twisted Oak pack was destroyed, and finally the Brood of Hermannstadt and the Concord marched on the Black Cave. Fruszina was at the front of the fighting, wearing the form of an agile, slender she-wolf with brown fur. Barrelling down the hill, she came head to head with the strong but inexperienced Nosferatu called Rolf the Mason. She tore out the Leper’s throat, giving him the Final Death, then wounded several of the Brood before she encountered the powerful Knez of Tihuta, Veceslav Basarab. With one swipe of his claws, the Tzimisce lord opened the Gangrel warrior from groin to throat.

Fruszina fell straight into torpor. What little of her vitae remained was taken soon after, when the victorious Concord and the Brood fell upon their fallen foes to harvest what strength remained so that they might have the strength to fight the werewolves that were encroaching upon the battlefield. She was executed by David Handler, friend and coterie-mate to Rolf.

Embrace: Fruszina declared that she had seen some 180 winters, making her Embrace shortly before the middle of the 11th century.

Final Death: June of AD 1214.

Lineage: Childe of Boleslav (d); of the line of Arnulf the Goth. Despite her ferocity and skill, she was known to be of weak blood in the extreme, perhaps as high as the 12th generation.


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