Hans of Kronstadt

A vampire hunter trained by the late archdeacon of Kronstadt, Hans the Smith fled the city before the Ashen Band could apprehend him. His current whereabouts are unknown.


In 1214, Hans was a brawny young man with watery, bright blue eyes and somewhat shaggy, honey-blonde hair. He was an apprentice blacksmith, judging by his ruddy, youthful face, the forge scars that marred his hands and forearms, and the faint tang of metal and smoke that hung about him. He seemmed to prefer tight-fitting jerkins that allowed his massive arms free range of movement, and he also wore heavy leather breeches and sturdy boots. A belt knife of significant size and heft was worn at his wide leather belt.


As the army of the Burzenland made camp on its way through the Bran Pass in 1214, the Ventrue Ulrich arose for the evening and made his way through the camp in search of blood. He espied a young man, an apprentice tailor and member of the militia, whom he knew to be suitable for his tastes according to his researches. As the hours lengthened, Ulrich waited patiently for the youth to over-indulge in wine and grow tired from the labours of the march, and then he followed the man to his tent. Listening for the even breathing of sleep, the vampire crept into the man’s tent and bent over him to take his fill, only to have pain blossom in his chest and a heavy paralysis settle over his limbs. He had been staked!

The careful Ventrue’s hunt had been spoiled by Valentinus, a trained vampire hunter who had just bagged his first monster. The clever fellow had evidently been taught to behave in a manner that would attract the undead, making himself the target so that he could become the hunter. Luckily for Ulrich, the secrecy of the Children of Caine worked in his favour, for Valentinus’ education had not been so complete as it might have been otherwise. In the belief that he had slain the vampire, the young tailor ran to fetch his master, who was revealed to be none other than Simon von Nijmegen, the Archdeacon of Kronstadt. If it was not for the curiosity and intervention of Sága, the Ventrue would have perished, but instead he was spirited away by the Nosferatu before Valentinus, Simon, and other hunters could arrive.

The incident landed Ulrich in very hot water with Lord Jürgen for his breach of the SIlence of the Blood, but it was agreed that he would be forgiven so long as he and his fellows in the Ashen Band “dealt with the hunter infestation” in Kronstadt. Upon their return to the city, the Band initiated a discrete investigation into Valentinus and the archdeacon, only to find that Simon had launched one of his own into “the vampire of Kronstadt.” They discovered that Valentinus was but one of three young hunters who had been raised in the orphanage sponsored by Simon, and that the archdeacon had bundled the tailor out of the city to safety. The other two, Peter the Scribe and Hans the Smith, were followed very carefully indeed by Sága, and they led the Ashen Band to a much larger problem. Archdeacon Simon and his man, Brandt von Bremen were training the entire orphanage to follow in the footsteps of Valentinus, Peter, and Hans! The text for the apprentice hunters was a pamphlet written by a veteran of their trade by the name of Karl Schrekt.

In addition to his studies at the orphanage, Hans was apprenticed to Norbert, the smith retained at the citadel of Kronstadt. He earned a modest living among the city guard, and he was also in a position to keep an eye on patrols as well as arrivals and departures at odd hours. This made him an unacceptable risk to the Cainites of the city.

Ultimately, it was decided to cut the head from the snake, and the Band concocted a plan to assassinate the archdeacon in order to break his network. During the chevauchee that the reserves of Kronstadt launched against the forces of Kordönül besieging the fortress of Buzău, Marius put an arrow in the throat of Simon von Nijmegen, mortally wounding the hunter mastermind. He was unable to see the archdeacon expire personally due to the security around his tent, but Sága later confirmed that she got close enough using her Obfuscate to confirm the kill.

In the wake of the assassination of their leader, the conspiracy of hunters swiftly seemed to melt away. Brandt, Hans, and Peter joined Valentinus in exile, leaving only the aged Father Samuel as a mentor to the boys and girls who sought to become hunters. Each of them, in turn, were gradually waylaid and Dominated by knights of the Black Cross to reduce the threat further.

Over the years that have followed, nothing further has been seen of Hans, Peter, or Valentinus.

Hans of Kronstadt

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