This neonate of the Baron's Gangrel can often be found at the Saut Aswad, where he serves as the most likely agent for those wishing to contact his master or present themselves to the Trinity families.


A typical Byzantine commoner sporting a full beard, short, wavy brown hair and gleaming brown eyes. He seems like a happy sort for an amiable grin seems to be plastered to his face, which also bears a faint scar on his left cheek. A dagger is thrust through his belt, and he wears the clothes of a tradesman or dock worker.


Ioannes is a typical low-born man of Byzantium, unremarkable despite the scars that mar his face. In life he was a labourer, a dock worker, a pimp and a thief, as the occasion and opportunity presented itself. One night, while looking for some cheap sport on the docks of Kontoskalion, he was attacked and Embraced by a Gangrel that had chosen to make prostitution her manner of feeding. Voleta frenzied in the act, and impulsively Embraced the dying Ioannes out of pity. Upon coming to awareness, he found himself staked and facing the judgement of the Quaesitor Tribunal alongside Voleta. A member in good standing of the Baron’s Gangrel, she had broken the Codex of Legacies by disrupting the Silence of the Blood and Embracing him. She admitted her guilt, stated that she was tired of her existence, and ready to face the dawn, and asked only for leniency for her childe, who was innocent of wrongdoing. The Tribunal granted her wish, and Voleta was executed the following dawn. Ioannes was spared, and turned over to Baron Feroux.

The thief was made a member of the Baron’s Gangrel, and has struggled to live up to the ideals of his lord, Baron Thomas Feroux, ever since. He is a deeply flawed man, fond of alcohol as well as hashish-laced vitae, feeding to excess and the odd bit of theft or skullduggery, but his loyalty has never been questioned. Only his grandsire Urbien actively dislikes him, for he treasured Voleta above all of his other progeny, and finds Ioannes an inadequate replacement for her skill and ability.

He frequents the inns, pilgrim hostels, taverns and alehouses on the border of the Latin Quarter, and it is thought that he has agents throughout it as well. He generally stops in at the Saut Aswad and the Silk Road every evening, trolling for gossip or new arrivals to warn his brothers and sisters about. He is considered to be less antagonistic and more approachable than most of the Baron’s Gangrel, and as such he is often sought out for introductions by those Latins who hope to gain temporary access to the Greek districts. Ioannes is known to enjoy doing so, for it has gained him a series of minor boons, which he hoards jealously.

The fact that he can hold his status as a defender of the Codex above the heads of recalcitrant Cainites pleases him, and he is uncomfortable with the lack of authority that the Baron’s Gangrel have with regards to the Latin Quarter.

Lineage: Childe of Voleta (d), Childe of Urbien, Childe of Agatone (d); further lineage is unknown to him.


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