An older Nosferatu, who once mentored Marusca and her progeny on the Road of the Beast. Close to Wassail now, she rarely calls upon his assistance any more.


A short, bandy-legged, nightmarish abnormity. It’s torn, paralyzingly horrific visage holds little in common with a man – tiny eyes devoid of irises peer hungrily at its surroundings, the barest hint of a snout for a nose, and maw three times as large as it ought to be, crowded with rotten stubs for teeth and a pair of needle sharp fangs. The creature’s ears are entirely too large for its head, and its ropey arms and legs also seem out of proportion. It does not bother with clothing, nor does it arm itself with weapons of any kind.


This ancilla of Clan Nosferatu is loosely associated with the Brood of Hermannstadt, although he rarely sets foot within the city itself. According to the other Lepers, he does so for a number of reasons, not least among them the retention of the remnants of his sanity, for Levente is very much in danger of Wassail. He frenzies easily, with only the slightest irk of provocation, and is prone to bloody murder and other unspeakable deeds when he fails to ride the Beast at such times. This makes him a walking danger to the Sixth Tradition, as an explosive frenzy whilst hunting in Hermannstadt would endanger all his friends and allies in the Brood, and perhaps even all Cainites in the Siebenburen. It would also disrupt the carefully laid philosophy behind their maintenance of the mortals in the city, an ethic which he had no small part in creating.

Levente is even more taciturn than the other warriors of the Brood, and during their brief association with him, none of the Concord managed to soften his glowering, sullen exterior enough to warrant more than a grunt or nod from him. Adelard has hinted that he is almost of elder vintage, that he was a Magyar horse warrior who fought in the armies of Grand Prince Zoltan and the devious warlord known as Bulscu, and that he was present at the famous Battle of Lechfield in AD 955. Fearful of the old one’s temper, Adelard was careful not to say any of this within earshot of Levente, who has been known to grow violent at the mention of the name of the so-called “King of the Cainites of Hungary, Slavonia, Croatia and Transylvania.”

It is clear to those who hear any of the Brood speak of Levente that they accord him enormous respect, despite his weak generation and precipitous state. In her early nights, he mentored Marusca herself in the arts of Protean and Animalism, as well as the ethics of the via bestiae. Nicu, Gustavus, and Oana all enjoyed a similarly extended period of tutelage, and his philosophies found their way into their own codes to one degree or another. One might wonder, perhaps, how they must feel about their own paths if, at long last, Levente has lost his footing on his own road…

During the Battle of the Black Cave, Levente circled the melee in bat form alongside Marusca and Gustavus, waiting for Marelle to appear. When the Sculptor of Wolves did so, alongside Ghenadie, Flavia and Rozalia of the Cleft Peak, and Vasilica the koldun, the three of them dove into the fray. Levente sought to occupy Flavia, Rozalia, and their ghouled hell hounds while Marusca engaged Marelle directly. In doing so, he was swiftly enveloped and dragged down by fangs, claws and bony spurs as his enemies savaged his back and flanks to gory pulp. Overcome with fear, rage, and hunger, Levente immediately flew into a frenzy.

He quickly tore through their ranks, shredding the hell hounds to pieces and rending Flavia so grievously that the formidable Tzimisce was driven into torpor. Rozalia suffered a worse fate, as Levente latched onto her throat and, raking her belly and nether regions to ribbons not unlike a great cat with its prey at hand, exsanguinated the desperate Cainite. The diablerie was swift and shocking, even in the middle of such a savage battle, and even after the deed was done he continued to rend, tear and chew at her swiftly decomposing corpse for long minutes, as the rest of the Brood and the Concord gave him a wide berth.

Finally, with the howls of furious werewolves sounding close at hand, Levente raised his maw to the night sky and bellowed his own hatred back at them. He then shifted his baleful gaze to those nearby and, seemingly without recognition, hissed at both Concord and Brood. The old Nosferatu then shifted once more into the bat form and took wing, fleeing into the Transylvanian night.

Lineage: He gives his sire as Mártuska, who is known to be an aged Nosferatu of the 10th generation that haunts the shores of Lake Balaton. Therefore Levente is numbered among the 11th generation, assuming his diablerie of Rozalia (and perhaps others) has not lowered it.

Embrace: Late in the 10th century, perhaps shortly after the Battle of Lechfield in AD 955.


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