Luther der Hund

This quiet Nosferatu serves Prince Vencel Rikard as Scourge of Buda-Pest. He has failed Rikard egregiously several times in the past, and is eager to please his lord as a result.


A hideous creature with large claws, yellow dog-like eyes, large pointed ears and more of a snout than a nose. He is dressed all in well-tailored black.


As is typical of his clan, Luther der Hund is secretive about his origins and movements before arriving in Buda-Pest to offer his services to Prince Vencel in AD 1187. His arrival proved to be fortuitous, as Rikard had only recently released his own childe, Jozsef Erdei, from service. After a short provisional period, Luther proved his worth and served well as warden (sheriff) for some twenty-five years. Then as now, he spends much of his time across the river in Pest, which is considerably less secure from Cainite intrusion than Buda, but much higher in population.

For many years, Luther’s only significant failure, which he shares with Sir Balasz, was his inability to track down and deal with the mad prophet Havnor. Despite scores of traps and many well-laid plans, neither the warden (sheriff) nor the scourge have ever so much as laid eyes upon Havnor when the prophet did not wish it, nor have they been able to apprehend him when he did. Although they have brought down some of his followers from time to time, more seem to spring up ready to take their place. The prince is patient, but even Vencel Rikard’s generosity has limits.

A second failure became apparent soon after Ulrich von Wettin, childe of Hardestadt the Younger, arrived in the city as part of his fosterage at the end of AD 1211. The prince assigned Ulrich as an assistant to both Warden and Scourge, the better to gain an understanding of the responsibilities of protecting a city, and in the course of these duties, the Ventrue neonate discovered that Luther had illegally sired progeny. This childe, whom the abusive Nosferatu had kept chained in his cellar for years and called Hund-Sheise (Dog-Shit), had recently escaped and was trying to exact her revenge on her sire and the other vampires of the Pest.

Hund-Sheise, the abused and hateful progeny of Luther der Hund.

The fugitive childe would escape after attacking Erzsébet Árpád and her cousin, István , but Luther was apprehended peacefully enough after being convinced by Ulrich to throw himself on the mercy of the prince. Luckily for him, Vencel was appreciative of his many years of loyal service, and he passed a light sentence on Luther: a drink of the prince’s blood, and demotion to the assistant of Ulrich, who would serve out the remainder of his fosterage as scourge while Sir Balasz would be promoted the Warden. Gratefully, the Nosferatu swallowed his pride and accepted his punishment.

After Ulrich left for the Siebenburgen late in 1213, Luther’s punishment ended and he was promoted to scourge. He continues to serve in this role, supporting his friend Sir Balasz in keeping Buda-Pest secure.

Embrace: Late 11th century.

Lineage: Unknown. He claims to have been abandoned after his Embrace and but for his obvious Nosferatu blood, he would have likely become Caitiff. Through trial and error, Luther the Hound has found himself to be of the 9th generation.

Luther der Hund

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