Markus Musa Giovanni

A gregarious Italian necromancer, deeply ensconced in the mercantile life of the Latin Quarter of Constantinople


A bandy legged, burly Italian well over six feet in height, dressed in the functional finery of a Venetian merchant. His hairline is receding, he has an immaculately groomed beard and moustache and his skin has a waxy, pallid and unhealthy cast. In spite of this he has a ready smile and he wears an amiable expression. Something about his physique and his slight stoop reminds you of a bear.


Markus represents the Giovanni mercantile interests in Constantinople. Until the late 1190’s, this task was given to certain ghouls in service to the family but so stong has the power and potential for profit of the Latin Quarter grown in recent years that the family leadership felt it necessary to send a Cainite representative. He has a very well-appointed house not so very far from the residence of his fellow Venetian, Bishop Alfonzo. The relations between the men were somewhat frosty until Markus played a small role in the successful conclusion of the investigation into the murders of the Bishop’s favoured childer, Juliano and Adrianna. Now that their relationship is much warmer, Markus has taken to working hand in hand with Marko D’Este, the Bishop’s most capable progeny in mercantile matters. It is whispered in the Elysium’s of the Trinity Cainites (probably instigated by Lady Alexia Theusa, whom has made no secret of her dislike of the Giovanni), that Markus also puts his ungodly nigrimancy at the disposal of the Bishop.

He is called L’Orso (the Bear) by his contacts and family, on account of his burly, large physique and slightly overbearing ways. Markus tries to make as many friends and allies, both Cainite and kine, as he can to facilitate greater profits and can often be found at the Saut Aswad, socialising and networking. Several years ago, Gunther ritter von Wolfgang approached him with an opportunity to establish a trade route to the Siebenburgen. The enterprise has been modestly successful and the two men exchange semi-regular correspondence on matters of trade and rumour in both mortal and Cainite spheres of interest.

Lineage: Childe of Guiseppe Giovanni, Childe of Claudius Giovanni, Childe of Augustus Giovanni, Childe of Cappadocius

Markus Musa Giovanni

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