Radu of Bistritz

The Prince of Bistritz; perhaps something of a deviant of Clan Tzimisce, he is seemingly cosmopolitan, progressive and congenial.


This nobleman appears weak, almost foppish in his court fashions. Unusual for a Transylvanian lord, his hair is blonde, his blue eyes are friendly and welcoming and his features elegant.


Little of Radu’s origins are known to the Cainites of the west. What is known is that Radu, at the time a rank neonate, approached Nova Arpad in the formative stages of the Council of Ashes and offered the services of he and his sire, Visya, in establishing the Siebenburgen. They brought considerable might to the table, including Visya’s loyal brood of Hungarian, Polish and Germanic childer as well as a small army of ghouls. And yet, it was Radu’s tact and sophistication that swayed Nova and her cohorts as to the possibility that a Tzimisce might actually work in the mix of the Council. Here was a Cainite that believed in moving out of the barbaric past of the east into the future of western civilisation.

The only condition on Radu and Visya’s alliance with the Arpad’s was the Domain of the small settlement fortification of a minor Magyar border lord. The village was known as Beszterce, which would one day become Bistritz. The area was peopled primarily by Vlachs that had been brutalised and burned out by the Magyar expansion, the conquering Magyar border lords and their people themselves, and a few Pecheneg clans that had been forced into the region by warfare among the steppe tribes. It stood on a potentially prosperous but currently depressed trade route, and was open to invasion from any number of forces beyond the Tihuta pass. It was also very far indeed from Nova’s planned hub of operations in Mediasch; too far to project the power of her Magyar and Szekler puppets reliably. In other words, the Council gained the credibility of a Tzimisce ally, a base for Saxons in the north, and none of the political and logistical liability that came with it. Radu was in.

In the decades after the inception of the Council of Ashes, Prince Radu proved to be a tireless proponent of moderation and industriousness, constantly urging his cohorts to work together for the benefit of all. He also brought the Gangrel messenger, Tiberiu, to the notice of the Council, thus ensuring that a constant line of communication would be open among the princes of the Siebenburgen. Radu also attempted to intercede many times on behalf of his fellow princes to try and establish peaceful relations with the Tzimisce, although this proved to be impossible in most situations given the nature of the Saxon settlements and the acrimony between the Arpads and the Voivodate. For a time, the cities prospered and the Council was the toast of Greater Hungary and the borderlands of the Holy Roman Empire. Alas, treachery, jealousy and attrition took their toll, and the Council of Ashes failed in their assigned tasks.

Bistritz, however, has prospered under the assiduous guidance of its Fiend prince. Other cities can boast more wealth or more military power, but none can claim the simple stability and growth of Bistritz. Radu uses his Vicissitude to masquerade as the mortal Burgrave, and seems to have the many mortal city council factions firmly under his thumb. He maintains contact with his “fellow” remaining princes through Tiberiu, and has expressed his hope that unity between the Siebenburgen can be reestablished, though he considers it to an improbable task at best. In any case, Bistritz doesn’t really need its southern neighbours at this point.

While passing through the city, the coterie presented itself to Prince Radu and his court. The prince proved to be a very gracious host, using a fusion of Tzimsice and western hospitality in his dealings with them. His court is cosmopolitan, boasting a visiting French Toreador, a German Malkavian and even a Greek Salubri Warrior in addition to his own childer. He was a little suspicious of their intentions to build a tower on behalf of Prince Vencel Rikard so close to his own demesne, but ultimately decided to offer some small support to the project. He even allowed them to tour his own magnificent castle, and offered to “look into” contacting its designer and builder, the master architect Zelios, on their behalf.

Lineage: Childe of Visya, Childe of Flaviu (d), Childe of Ionache (d?), Childe of the Eldest

Radu of Bistritz

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