Raymonde Marcel

An unscrupulous Gangrel mercenary in the pay of Felix of Vaucluse. He was driven into torpor during the fateful attack on Lucien's faux-treasure ship.


A husky thug of a Frankish soldier, strong and sure of step. He is swathed in heavy cloth and garbed in worn, piecemeal mail and leather, a Norman helm and a tattered blue cloak. A shield is slung at his back. What little flesh can be seen from his arms and neck bristles with thick black hair, different in colour to the auburn stubble that sprouts on his face. A sword and dagger are belted at his waist, while a throwing axe is worn on a loop at his chest.


Originally hailing from Orleans, this Gangrel was an undistinguished participant in the 4th Cainite Crusade. Before he came to the attention of the Concord, he had spent much of his existence fighting in wars in both France and Greece. He was a known participant in the struggles between Richard I of England and Phillip II of France, and was also present during the sack of Thessalonica in 1185. During the time when his conduct brought him to the attention of the Concord, he revealed his nature to be viscous, greedy and uncouth.

Along with his companion, Enguerrand le Beau, he joined the pilgrimage at Negroponte, lured by the possibility of pay and loot when it became clear that the crusade sailed for Constantinople. A skilled soldier and talented scout, he quickly found himself in the employ of Sir Felix of Vaucluse, and participated in many of that villain’s worst excesses over the latter portion of the 4th Crusade. Raymonde greatly admired the fighting skill of the Gangrel known as Rollo the Frank, and frequently attempted to emulate the manner and behaviour of the cunning elder.

When Lotario Acuto infiltrated the Galata District in his guise of Michael of Antioch, Raymonde attempted to humiliate the seemingly fragile Toreador with a test of arms. Playing down his own formidable skills and relying instead on his command of Celerity, “Michael” managed to evade the worst of the Gangrel’s blows. This in turn earned the mirth of Raymonde’s fellow guards, Ewald of Fairfax and Georgio di Renzo, further enraging him. The Gangrel was close to frenzy when Georgio called the contest off.

During the assault on the faux-treasure boat, Raymonde again unwittingly encountered Lotario Acuto, this time in the disguise of Reza the Turk, and once more came off second best. The Toreador easily evaded the Gangrel’s sword strokes, further humiliating the volatile Frenchman. When “Reza” was forced to divert his attention to Sir Herpin of Belfort, Alfonzo Borgio and a number of the Scholai Guard coordinated attacks to bear Raymonde down beneath the weight of their attacks. They almost succeeded in staking the Gangrel before he frenzied and laid several of his enemies low. Crippled from his injuries, crawling and slipping through the gore, he had almost reached the final Scholai when a javelin cast from elsewhere in the melee drove through his neck and pinned Raymonde to the deck.

He instantly descended into torpor. Custody of his corpse was taken by the Baron’s Gangrel after the fight was done. His ghoul, Andret, was also slain by the defenders as he fell through the illusory deck into the hold.

Lineage: Childe of Cecille le Araignée, Childe of Vincent of Orleans (d); further lineage is unknown, but he is thought to be of the 10th generation owing to the reputation of his destroyed grand-sire, who was once Sheriff of Orleans.

Raymonde Marcel

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