Roslyn Wulf

The Seneschal of Bistritz; a dedicated, capable and humble servant of her sire, Prince Radu, and demonstrated hedonist in her feeding habits.


A pretty, fine-boned creature dressed in the simple fashions of the Siebenburgen. She wears her very long brown hair unbound and dresses in loose, flowing gowns that only accentuate the fluidity and grace of her movements. Her brown eyes are confident and intent.


Prince Radu brought Roslyn across quite recently, in the Year of Our Lord 1192. Apparently he was impressed with the manner in which the young trophy wife managed to wrap her influential (and much older) husband around her litte finger and secretly guide the fortunes of the powerful Guild of Merchants and Traders. Guildmaster Gerhard Wulf still serves in that capacity, but as Roslyn’s loyal and worshipful ghoul. In the years since her Embrace, Roslyn’s talents and skills for organisation, decorum and intrigue have earned her the position of Seneschal, which she ably fills despite her youth and propensity for attending the lavish parties of Bistritz’ mercantile and noble elite.

Roslyn greeted the coterie in the antechamber of Radu’s throne room, and introduced them with all due pomp and ceremony. Throughout their stay she proved to be an organised and congenial host, but appeared to be too busy with her duties to spend much time with any of them. Her treatment of her Prince’s Herd at the castle was also unusual, as Roslyn seemed to enjoy spending far more time pleasuring the mortals than she really needed to in order to slake her own thirst.

Lineage: Childe of Radu, Childe of Visya, Childe of Flaviu (d), Childe of Ionache (d?), Childe of the Eldest

Roslyn Wulf

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