Sergiu Lazar

This knight errant is clearly comfortable travelling the Siebenbergen and comfortable, if quiet, in Radu's court.


This young, imposing Romanian is neither handsome nor
homely, and yet he has a noble-born, warrior-like bearing; a
man clearly used to leading others. Despite his obvious
breeding, his arms and clothing show the signs of considerable
wear, displaying battle scars and much patching. He is armed
with a wicked looking dirk and a broadsword. All of his arms are
of fine quality, but have seen similar to wear to the rest of his
gear. He has very steady, dark brown eyes.


Sergiu was born too late in his family to receive land or high titles, but what he lacked in hereditary benefits he made up in loyalty and enthusiasm in battle. Unlike some of the traditional lords of the mountain valleys, the Lazar’s converted to the Latin Church when the Magyar and Szekler armies swept through the region. They were allowed to keep their lands as a result, and as the Hungarians adopted chivalric practice, so too did the Lazars and many of their allies. Sergiu spent his formative years squiring for his elder brothers and in itinerant service to his regional lords.

Sergiu worked hard, looking for opportunities to earn or win himself a domain. Life disappointed him in this regard. While he earned considerable respect and a reputation for his military successes fending off raiders and leading charges into territory, he was not rewarded with a domain of his own. Those were bloody and hard years in Transylvania, with many Orthodox stalwarts seeing the traitor lords as even worse than their Hungarian overlords. Attacks were constant, especially at night. Like many of his countrymen, Sergiu was no stranger to the vampiri, vârcolaci and other night creatures for he had seen them locked in terrible battles with his own eyes. His military prowess did draw attention from local cainites, and when Visya’s forces needed to swell in the face of the incursions of other voivodes, Sergiu found himself hurriedly embraced and unleashed in the conflicts against Voivode’s Ionescu and Dzardescyu.

Typically seen travelling throughout the Siebenbergen area with his lieutenant Sir Andrei Boda, Sergiu is seen most regularly between Schaasburg and Bistritz.

Lineage: Childe of Visya, Childe of Flaviu (d), Childe of Ionache (d?), Childe of the Eldest

Sergiu Lazar

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