A mysterious diplomat for the Assamites, Shabah has dwelt in Constantinople since AD 1194; she keeps friendly company with the Antonian elder, Belisarius, and performs as a liaison between the obscure Viziers of her clan and the Trinity leadership.


An exotic, dignified Saracen woman, wearing a full body black veil that is embroidered with cloth of gold. Only her exotic, kohl-lined jet-black eyes are visible. Her demeanour is humble, even meek, yet she moves with mesmerising grace, and seemingly without sound.


This gentle diplomat is the envoy of the Turkish Assamites to the Families of Constantinople, and she spends about ten months of the year in the city. Most members of the families fear and despise her, and she typically has to answer the litany of accusations that arise whenever a Cainite falls to murder, intrigue or simply disappears without leave. Indeed, smarter Cainites tend to see her as a red herring of sorts, as the rumours begin to stir regarding her involvement almost before the blood is dry.

For her part, she appears to be one of the “talkers” of the Assamites rather than one of the deadly “assassins”, and she answers whatever tawdry charges come her way with dignity, grace and wit. Of course, few are willing to deliver such accusations to her face, for her constant companion is none other than the legendary Antonian Military Prefect, Belisarius, whose steady temper is known to rise to a towering rage at any rude behaviour towards Shabah. There is speculation that the two were coterie-mates, even lovers, centuries ago during the great general’s wanderings in the east.

Finally, along with Fajr, Shabah is also known to be a point of contact for her fellow Assamite scholars. These reclusive Assamite “viziers”, no more than four in number, have existed in the city for centuries on the condition that they remain completely neutral and uninvolved in the city’s Cainite and kine intrigues. They are led by the legendary Tegyrius, who is said to be the greatest military historian who ever existed.

Lineage: Childe of Pelagon, Childe of Sha’Hiri, Childe of Haqim


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