Sir Alaric di Taranto

This Lasombra has no memory of his Embrace during the storming of Jerusalem in AD 1099, or of anything else for the forty years afterwards. He serves his mentor, Santiago, as an infiltrator of the legendary Knights Templar.


Little is yet known of this taciturn knight, save that he was a mortal of the Sicilian Normans, that he took the First Crusade and that he has no memory of the time after the walls were breached, the madness began, and the horrid slaughter of it’s citizenry commenced. He apparently lived a bestial existence out in the desert for many years before Father Santiago and the Brujah wanderer Procet subdued the befuddled Cainite and returned him to his senses. Alaric was adopted by Santiago (whom he calls Diego), and he eventually swore loyalty to Bishop Claudius Euginio, Diego’s secretive and powerful sire.

He currently serves Santiago and Euginio’s schemes among the Templar Order in Dalmatia. Procet has called in several boons owed him by Diego to have Sir Alaric replace his own missing childe, Sir Conrad de Monreal, in completing the tower in Tihuta Pass.

Lineage: Unknown, although it is suspected that he is a descendant of the Narsene Lasombra.

Adopted Lineage: Servant of Santiago de Girona, Childe of Claudius Euginio, Childe of Prince Constantius of Rome, Childe of Montano, Childe of Lasombra

Sir Alaric di Taranto

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