Theodorus Kolettis

The Antonian Quaesitor Secretarius; this neonate is Anna Comnena's primary assistant in the nightly execution of her duties.


A handsome, athletic, young Greek with very short brown hair and hazel eyes, looking vaguely uncomfortable clothed in court fashions. He has the look of a soldier about him, though he is armed only with a dagger.


Theodorus is a staunch believer in the Dream, and is one of the better examples of an Antonian Ventrue willing to do whatever he must to see Constantinople return to greatness. His belief that this can only be done through the auspices and abilities of his mistress is equally strong, and Theodorus is tireless in executing his duties on behalf of Quaesitor Anna Comnena.

Curiously, Theodorus is not even Anna’s progeny, nor even a native of the Queen of Cities, though he is of Antonius’ line. A catepan (captain) of the Byzantine military stronghold of Monemvasia who had proven his administrative and military proficiency on a number of occasions, he was Embraced in the Year of Our Lord 1159. The local Prince, Anastos, had seen an echo of his own great-grandsire, Antonius, in the manner with which Theodorus led the men. Theodorus served his prince and the Monemvasian Antonians for a number of years before asking leave to travel the empire and make himself useful. Prince Anastos sent him to Constantinople.

Theodorus arrived in AD 1186 with a letter of recomendation from his sire, and swiftly fell into Anna Comnena’s camp. None, except for perhaps Irene Stellas, love and revere the Quaesitor more and Theodorus conforms to his mistress’ every need. He despises Caeser Magister Nicepherus and his secretary, Alexander Rangabes, with a passion and works to bring Anna into the leadership of the family at their expense.

During the Antonian Blood Feast in honour of the coterie, Theodorus led the Gold Team on the polo field, and was delighted to have the elder Belisarius and Sir Conrad of the Lexor Brujah volunteer for his team. He captained the Gold’s well, but they lost the match due to the efforts of Lord Symeon and Gunther ritter.

Lineage: Childe of Prince Anastos of Monemvasia, Childe of Lyseros (d), Childe of Caius, Childe of Antonius (d), Childe of Veddartha

Theodorus Kolettis

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