Thierry d'Amiens

The most senior of the trio of Knights of the Sable Rose who attached themselves to the crusade at Venice, Brother Thierry bitterly resented the subversion of the pilgrimage. He did not partipate in the Great Sack.


A broad shouldered, barrel-chested Norman wearing the armour, arms and colours of the Knights Hospitaller, though his armour and weapons are exceptional even for that order. His pale face is heavy-boned and quite severe, made all the more so by his glittering brown eyes and the iron grey in his full beard and shoulder length hair. While not at all handsome, his forbidding appearance and dignified demeanour tend to draw the eye.

The uniform coat of arms of the Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem, also known as the Knights Hospitaller.

Presumably, Thierry is as skilled an armourer as his colleague, Brother Godefroi, making his understanding of metalworking many decades in front of even the best mortal smiths. It is likely that in addition to his standard knightly armour, he owns a cuirass, gorget, vambraces, rerebraces, greaves, and cuisses, all intricately decorated with motifs of roses, crosses, and bible verses. Brother Godefroi explained that the special armour is reserved for when the Knights of the Sable Rose ride out against the infidel.


In AD 1202, Brother Thierry of Amiens was one of four Toreador Knights of the Sable Rose who joined the Fourth Cainite Crusade in Venice. Unlike his brother-knight Godefroi of Caen, Thierry remained aloof from the Council of the Cainite Crusade, allowing those who showed interest in their order to approach him. After Godefroi recognised Sir Gunthar of Sankt Wolfgang from their shared time on the Second Crusade and he pointed out the Gangrel to his brother-knights, Thierry gave the older Cainite a respectful nod. For his part, the Saxon judged that Godefroi and Roderick seemed to defer to the stern Thierry, and he marked him as the leader of their coterie.

Like Brother Godefroi, Thierry was horrified to see the city of Zara sacked by the crusade several months later. They sharply rebuked Brother Roderick for his participation in the machinations of Felix of Vaucluse during the events surrounding the fall of the city and the attacks on local Cainites. However, it was not until the crusade left the island of Corfu that they were able to bring Roderick to heel and disengage their hot-tempered brother from the intrigues of worldly vampires. It was also at Corfu where Veceslav Basarab, in conference with Guy of Provence and the brother of the Sable Rose, witnessed Thierry’s stern demeanour drop away to reveal a gracious, diplomatic side that was reserved only for those whom he considered to be his peers.

The Hospitaller Order did not officially take part in any stage of the hostilities with the Eastern Empire, including the fall of the city in April of 1204. However, they did make use of their healing skills to establish infirmaries to see to the health of their fellow crusaders, and the Order of the Sable Rose despondently attended to these duties while they vainly hoped for a correction to the disastrous course of the Bitter Crusade. When the Great Sack commenced, the Hospitallers established a number of infirmaries on the burnt ground near Blachernae and in the Latin Quarter, and to their credit, they treated the ravaged people of Byzantium as readily as their disgraced fellow pilgrims. Both Thierry and Godefroi were very much active in these medical tents, but Roderick was less so.

In any case, once it became clear that crusade had floundered after the fall of Byzantium, the Order of the Sable Rose took the opportunity to entrench themselves within Constantinople. Just as commanderies of the mortal Hospitallers would be established, so too would the reach of their immortal puppet-masters follow them. All three of the Toreador warrior monks departed before long, but others among their brethren would spend years seeing the influence of their methuselah grandmaster take root in the Latin Empire. Brother Thierry lingered the longest, not returning to his own priory near Amiens until the summer of 1205.

Embrace: Reputed to be the early years of the 12th century.

Lineage: Brother Thierry is of the 7th generation. He is the childe of Alphonse des Rosiers, who serves as Grand Commander of the Order of the Sable Rose. As such, Brother Alphonse is the immediate lieutenant of his sire, and in truth the subborning of the Order of St. John was his idea and he was the architect of its inception. He is the childe of Andrew of Normandy, the Grandmaster of the Sable Rose. “Angel Andrew” does not advertise his own sire, but he is known to be of the 5th generation, making him the grandchilde of Arikel, the Toreador Antediluvian.

Thierry d'Amiens

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