A handsome yet feral Vlach with a flair for the dramatic, this Gangrel serves the broken Council of Ashes as their habitual messenger.


A tall, rangy Vlach in homespun, furs and leathers, pale and scarred but quite striking. He has tangled dark hair, a rough goatee beard and black eyes that gleam with a tinge of red in the light. He is armed with a hunting knife.


Tiberiu, as odd as it may seem for a messenger, appears to have little use for words. Gunther ritter has managed to establish that Tiberiu “he has seen around 150 years”, that he knows most of the Gangrel of Transylvania, and that he “has always been the messenger”, but that is about it. Tiberiu appeared quite dramatically in Prince Radu’s court as a bat amidst a chaotic, screeching, flurrying cloud of the same; circling the room several times as the rest of his flying mates fled out of the window. He landed, took human form, bowed and formally intoned that he possessed “messages and missives from the Council of Ashes”. Radu asked if they were urgent, to which Tiberiu responded in the negative, so he was given leave to refresh himself “in the customary manner.” The Gangrel grinned savagely at the assembled court, handed the missives to Seneschal Roslyn and headed directly for the doors leading to the waiting Herd.

Gunther ritter followed Tiberiu, noting that none of the Herd were harmed in spite of the bestial noises emanating from behind the curtains. When Tiberiu emerged, Gunther ritter introduced himself and the two exchanged pleasantries (of a sort) in the usual Gangrel manner before the Tiberiu left the court. While it is unclear to the rest of the coterie exactly what was said, Gunther ritter left not long after, apparently troubled and wishing some time to himself.

Lineage: Unstated, although he intimated that he was descended from Arnulf, along with most of the other Gangrel of Transylvania.


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