Vassily Taltos

A rare sight indeed, this Ravnos mediator carries messages between the Arpad Ventrue and the Tzimisce Voivodate, seeking a niche for he and his people.


With his dusky skin, glittering, steady dark eyes and curly black hair and beard, this odd character looks like a complete outsider in Western society. His clothes are gaudy and bright, though not ostentatious. He has a dignified yet oddly easy air about him.


The ancilla known as Vassily Taltos has functioned as a diplomat and mediator throughout Hungary and Transylvania since the seventh decade of the twelfth century. He and his exotic companions travel the lonely roads between settlements, intimately familiarising themselves with Greater Hungary and carrying messages between the demesnes of the Arpad faction, the scattered knezi of the Tzimisce Voivodate and sometimes the allied cities of the Siebenburgen.

While they are a strange and unfamiliar sight throughout the region, they have so far managed to avoid any bigotry or racism from either Cainites or kine. With the noted exception of Buda-Pest (in which they have been known to camp for weeks at a time), they rarely spend more than three nights in any one location. So as not to infringe upon the hospitality of their hosts, they usually seek to entertain and amuse whatever courts they pass on their travels, and conduct themselves with the utmost dignity and restraint, which seems to be somewhat out of character for these rogues. So far, most parties seem to respect Vassily’s neutral status and leave him and his kin to their own devices. The only exception to this is the Gangrel, who seem to persist in maintaining some ancient grudge, so Vassily has had to learn a few tricks and secret ways to avoid them.

Vassily and his kin encountered a number of the coterie outside the walls of Pest, on the same evening that they were due to meet Prince Vencel. Gunther ritter carefully and openly approached the camp of exotic strangers, making sure to be seen. An old gypsy woman and her son took note of his presence, and Vassily eventually made contact with the Gangrel. The two established some ground rules for approaching the Ravnos’ kin, called a kumpaniya of Rroma, which included not interfering with their trades, nor feeding upon them or their guests, and never to approach after midnight. While they established that the ancestral hostility between the Gangrel and Ravnos clans was undiminished, there was no need for them, as individuals, to display acrimony towards each other. Vassily and Gunther ritter than parted ways, as neither friends nor enemies.

Lineage: Childe of Sanser, and apparently of the Alexandrite jati.

Vassily Taltos

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